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The Power of Remembering!

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Spiritual Warfare Game-Changer!

One of the tactics of the enemy is to cause us to forget who we have become in Christ, while continually reminding us who we were before Christ.  It is human nature to gravitate toward what we are focusing on.  There is power in remembering both what God has done for us and in remembering who we have become in Him.  This message will give you the tools you need to overcome the spiritual haze the enemy has placed over your life, and allow you to start moving forward again!

Host:  Dr. Michael K. Lake, Chancellor of Biblical Life College and Seminary  (

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It’s Back to School Time at Biblical Life College and Seminary

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Summer is winding down, and it is time to focus once again on the education you need to be successful in the ministry that God has called you to.  Whether you are just starting out in the first year of Bible College or you are wanting to complete an advanced Seminary degree in ministry,now is the time to enroll.  

To help you move forward, BLCS is making the following discounts available for a limited time.  This will be the last time in 2014 that we will offer savings like this.

Enroll Using Plan B (Monthly Payment Plan)

You will receive a $50.00 gift certificate toward materials from BLCS at enrollment and another $50.00 gift certificate after six months of being faithful in your monthly payments.

Enroll Using Plan C (Full Payment with Enrollment)

If you enroll and pay full tuition with enrollment, you will receive the following discounts:

  • All Undergraduate Programs and all 30 to 60 SCH Masters Programs:  35% Discount on Tuition.
  • All Master of Divinity and Doctoral Programs:  40% Discount on Tuition.

This offer is good from July 25 through September 30, 2014.

To qualify for these offers, BLCS must receive your enrollment application with payment by September 30, 2014.  Please write “BLCS Fall 2014 Enrollment Drive” on the top of your application form.

Canaanite Altar and the Federal Reserve – Part 2

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Canaanite Altar and the Federal Reserve Part 2


The Canaanite Altar & the Federal Reserve – Part 2

Kingdom Intelligence Briefing Podcast – Episode 21

Greetings, Remnant of the Most High God!  I want to thank everyone that has emailed and called regarding the new format to our podcast.  We are always delighted to hear from you, and we are glad to hear the podcast has been such a blessing.

The Kingdom Intelligence Briefing is now more than just a podcast!  We now have a website dedicated to our new goal of serving as a source of information for the Body of Christ.  You will find podcasts, articles, news, and updates at the site.  You can also sign up to be notified by email anytime we post new information.  The new website is:
Update:  I wrote an article last week called, “The Ongoing War Against Christian Education.”  In this article, I detailed how the Elite are planning on shutting down traditional Christian education through the Guaranteed Student Loan Program.  This article is now posted to the KIB Website and has been picked up as the “Top Story” this week on Raiders News Network.
In This Episode:  We are continuing with the rebroadcast of part 2 with Professor Rob Skiba and Ten Bence discussing the Canaanite/Nephilim Altar, the formation of the Federal Reserve, and various areas of Spiritual Warfare that believers need to be informed on.  This episode covers almost three hours of vital information!
The Kingdom Intelligence Briefing is sponsored by Biblical Life College and Seminary.


The Ongoing War Against Christian Education

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Ongoing War Against Christian Education

Note:  This article was published by Raiders News Network, a leading source of information for believers worldwide.  View article on Raiders News.


The Ongoing War Against Christian Education

By Michael K. Lake, Th.D., D.R.E.

In a recent article, Michael Zigarelli (of the Christian Post) sounded an alarm that was heard around the Christian world.  The headline read, “The End of Christian Education.”  In this article, Michael shared:

 President Obama recently signed an executive order making it illegal for federal contractors to discriminate against gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender employees. Sounds innocuous enough, but an unintended consequence may be the closing of Christian colleges and schools.

The order doesn’t directly affect private education, but its unprecedented refusal to exempt religious organizations surely will. Without this exemption the President has signaled to regulators that it’s open season on faith-based institutions.

Here’s one possible future: The order says if you want federal money you must hire gays. The US Department of Education decides that this applies to federal financial aid as well. Students are then prohibited from using their aid at colleges that do not hire gays. Christian colleges go out of business.

Here’s another future: With the exemption gone, accrediting bodies take the cue and insist that all colleges include “sexual orientation” and “gender identity” in their non-discrimination policies, revoking accreditation for those faith-based schools that won’t genuflect. Students are prohibited from using their aid at non-accredited colleges. Christian colleges go out of business.  [i]

What Mr. Zigarelli may not realize is that his revelation identifies one facet of the Elite’s stratagem to end most Christian education in this nation.  The tacit war of the Elite has been going on since the 1940’s.

 My Own Background and Perspective on This Tacit War

Early on in my ministerial preparation, I was fortunate to have a mentor named, Dr. Thomas McLachlan (or Dr. Mac, as we all affectionately called him).  Dr. Mac had completed both his Master of Divinity and Doctor of Theology at Princeton Theological Seminary, and he was a retired U.S. Navy Chaplain.  During his long career, he had served on a committee with a regional accrediting association.  Those days on the committee were eye-opening for him.   He discovered that there were many anti-Christian agendas at play within the government and the regional accrediting association system.

Dr. Mac saw the gifting of God on my life for education.  While others were being trained for the pastorate in seminary, I was being trained to become an educator.  It was during our many discussions that he revealed to me that Department of Education approved accreditation and the Guaranteed Student Loan Program would eventually become instruments in the hands of the ungodly to first contaminate Christian education, and then to eventually close it down.

His influence on my life and the concepts he taught me about Christian education would forever alter how I developed the educational ministry that God was placing in my heart.  I created an educational system that was not embedded in the Elite’s system of educational control – no governmental accreditation and no participation in the Guaranteed Student Loan Program.   With the choke hold that the Elite maintain on education in America, it seemed like an impossible vision.  Yet, I was determined not to compromise in the vision and its execution for the Kingdom of God.

The Accreditation Pitfalls

Accreditation in America was originally nongovernmental by design.  Educational expert, Dr. H.R. Kells (from Rutgers University) wrote in his book, Self-Study Processes:  A Guide for Postsecondary and Similar Service-Oriented Institutions and Programs, a definition of accreditation:

Accreditation is a voluntary process conducted by peers via nongovernmental agencies to accomplish at least two things – to attempt on a periodic basis to hold one another accountable to achieve stated, appropriate institutional or program goals; and to access the extent to which the institution or program meets established standards.[ii]

At one time, Dr. Kells’ book was required for any postsecondary school seeking accreditation.  It is unfortunate that the American Council on Education did not continue his work after the 3rd edition.

Originally, the institutions themselves established accrediting associations and sought to keep the long arm of the government out of the process.  Political agendas spread like the tentacles of a cancer into anything that is connected to government.   The Department of Education (USDOE) was established in1867 to collect information on schools and teaching that would help the States establish effective school systems. [iii]  By 1958, its role had dramatically changed.  After World War II, the USDOE began overseeing the GI Bill.  Then came Title IV funding or the Guaranteed Student Loan Program.  With the millions of dollars that came with these programs, the influence of the USDOE and its approved accrediting system (regional accreditation) began to hold a powerful sway over all educational institutions in the United States.  A system that was perfect for the Elite to begin controlling and using for their own agenda.

Dr. Kells warns about the misuse of accreditation:

 Some of the uses of accreditation at times may not correspond well with the basic nature of the process.  An example, as explained earlier, is its use to transfer credit.  Some uses have made the realization of accreditation’s basic purposes more difficult.  Some people believe that the requirement that institutions be accredited in order to apply for federal funds, and furthermore the use of accrediting to enforce social policy, are examples of this misuse.  At times the uses may be expressions of raw political leverage unrelated to program quality or reasonable needs in light of circumstances.  That is, accreditation can be erroneously cited to promote or discourage change in a given setting.  [iv]

This governmental or political leverage is a reality in many postsecondary Christian institutions today.   Many of our leading Christian universities, Bible colleges and seminaries have annual budgets that range from five to one hundred million dollars or more a year.  Meeting those budgets is dependent upon governmental accreditation and the Guaranteed Student Loan Program.  Compromise with the ever-increasing, anti-Christian agenda has become a game of survival for most Christian schools of higher learning.

Over the years, I have received reports from both educators at regionally accredited Christian schools and their students.  Here is a brief list of some of the complaints I have received:

  •  Schools under constant pressure to modify their curriculum or statement of faith from the Word of God to a more politically correct position.
  •  Schools pressured to hire professors solely based on their academic pedigree, rather than biblical orthodoxy.
  •  Students having their theses or dissertations rejected because the Bible was referenced too many times, and there were not enough secular citations.
  •  Tenured professors slowly began to leave orthodox theologies and began teaching subjects more within the secularization movement within Christianity.

Many educators do not share the severity of this situation in public, because of fear of retaliation from the accrediting associations.  In the early 90’s, I was attending a conference of the American Association of Christian Counselors in Dallas, Texas.  During those days at the conference, I was in a meeting for Christian educators and was seated next to the Vice Chancellor of one of the largest Baptist universities in our nation.  While we sat together, we discussed issues facing Christian institutions.  This man of God looked me straight in the eyes and said, “One day our university will need to relinquish our regional accreditation to maintain our biblical stance.”  His face was set like flint, and his eyes were like fire as he said those words to me.  Our open discussion left me with the impression that he was under a constant battle to maintain orthodoxy at his university.

If we could have an open and honest discussion with educators across this nation, in which they had no fear of retaliation from their accreditors, their stories would convey just how powerful this tacit war against Christian education has been for decades.  Our prayers and appreciation go out to all the Christian educators that have refused to compromise!

The War May Be Coming to a Close

As Christian schools continue to fight for their biblical soundness, the Elite are preparing the possible last two salvos to destroy traditional Christian education as we know it:

1.  The Guaranteed Student Loan Program (Title IV Funds) is Now Implemented Through the Federal Government.

When the Federal Government took over the lending of the funds for the Guaranteed Student Loan Program, it was presented as a good thing for education.  There are a few points of interest that most people do not know about the program:

  • The program perpetuates the continual increase of tuition at most universities.  The degrees in certain fields now cost more than a lifetime of work in the field can pay back.  The average student debt from an undergraduate degree at a state university is now over $30,000. [v]  The average tuition at an Ivy League school is between $38,000 to $50,000 per year (as of 2012).  [vi]
  •  You cannot claim bankruptcy on your educational debt.  It is with you for life and can be taken out of your social security during retirement.
  •  The minimum payments on the Guaranteed Student Loan Program usually do not even cover the interest on the loan.  You could literally be paying on it after retirement.  There is a loan forgiveness program in place that requires 120 timely payments in a row, plus a number of years in public service (i.e., indoctrination into political correctness).

As the federal budget becomes more restrictive, I believe we will see a day in which only government approved programs at secular institutions will be eligible for participation in the Guaranteed Student Loan Program.   Christian institutions that refuse to succumb to the political agendas will lose their Title IV status.  This will bankrupt traditional Christian institutions overnight.

  1. The Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender (LGBT) Agenda Threat

As Michael Zigarelli has already shared, Christian institutions refusing to include classes promoting alternate sexual lifestyles and/or refusing to hire LGBT professors will lose either their accreditation or ability to receive Title IV funds.  Again, this would bankrupt traditional Christian institutions overnight.

Could this happen in America?  Michael tells us later on in his article:

Absurd? Alarmist? It’s already happening to Gordon College in Massachusetts.  Gordon’s president merely co-signed a letter requesting that this executive order exempt religious institutions. Enter the Secret Police. The New England Association of Schools and Colleges is now reconsidering Gordon’s accreditation. As their decision goes, so goes Gordon. And as Gordon goes, so may go Christian higher Ed. [vii]

The Solution – Leave Babylon

When we developed Biblical Life College and Seminary back in 1982, the vision was simple:  provide the same level of excellence in Christian education that is offered in traditional Christian institutions of higher learning, offer it nontraditionally (through home study), make it affordable, and keep it away from the influence of the Elite.  Those have been our guiding principles over the years, and we have refused to compromise, even at our own expense.

Over the past three decades, we have been training aspirants of the Gospel ministry through biblically and academically sound curriculum.  Our professors are involved in full-time ministry within the fields they teach – this keeps our tuition low and our curriculum practical.  We offer affordable monthly payment plans on tuition – when our students graduate, they are debt-free (and not burdened down with student loans).   Today, we have thousands of graduates that are accomplished pastors, bishops, heads of international ministries, and published authors.

Every semester, we hear from new students coming out of the “traditional system” that are relieved to be free of the secular influence.  Through their studies at Biblical Life, they see the Word of God and their Christian faith come alive with untold clarity.  We have received many testimonies that one module will get them deeper into the Word and Christian living than an entire semester in their former schools.

Eventually, we may have to reexamine degrees in the Body of Christ.  The option to issue any degree may eventually be taken away from us altogether.  Years ago, God was leading us to make many changes to our ministry; God spoke these words to my wife, “One day, a diploma from Biblical Life will have more weight in the Body of Christ than a degree from traditional schools.”  I have pondered those words in my heart for years.  It was not until recently, as I examined the proverbial handwriting on the wall, that her prophetic word became clear.  There is a paradigm shift coming to education in the Body of Christ, as the Elite labor to disarm Christian education in America.  It will become paramount for those preparing for ministry to seek out a school that has not entangled itself in the Elite’s stronghold on education and has remained true to the Word and Kingdom of God.


About the AuDr. Michael K. Lakethor

Michael K. Lake, Th.D., D.R.E.

Dr. Michael Lake is the Chancellor and Founder of Biblical Life College and Seminary.  He has served as an educational consultant for many Christian organizations worldwide.  Dr. Lake has authored many seminary courses and served as a mentor for thousands of students throughout the world.   Dr. Lake is a contributing author for the best-selling book, “Blood on the Altar:  The Coming Christian vs. Christian War.”




[i] Zigarelli, Michael.  The End of Christian Education.  The Christian Post.

[ii] Kells, H.R.  Self-Study Processes – Third Edition: A Guide for Postsecondary and Similar Service-Oriented Institutions and Programs.  American Council on Education, MacMillan Series on Higher Education, New York.  Copyright 1988.  Page 9.

[iii] The Federal Role in Education.

[iv] Ibid.  Page 12.



[vii] Ibid.

Remnant Boot Camp–Part 10

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The conclusion of the Remnant Boot Camp Series


Biblical Life TV Ep. 10. 

In the final part of the Remnant Boot Camp Series, Dr. Lake examines the scripture in First John is which the Apostle John speaks of the "sin unto death."  He examines both the formation of Calvinism,  Arminianism, and the hybrid theology of using both that was developed by D.L. Moody.  He finally brings balance by setting the scripture back into its Hebraic concept.  He also examines the three witnesses in Heaven and Earth.

Dr. Michael K. Lake is the Chancellor and Founder of Biblical Life College and Seminary and the Pastor of Biblical Life Assembly.

Important Biblical Life Update–August 2014

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Exciting News at Biblical Life College and Seminary

We have been so busy with new projects at Biblical Life that we just realized it has been awhile since we provided you with an update. Here are some exciting things going on with the overall ministry:

1. New Adjunct Faculty Members Have Been Added

Over the summer, we have invited several ministers that are making a powerful difference in the Body of Christ to become Adjunct Professors at BLCS. Please welcome two of our newest adjunct professors:

Dr. John D. Garr

Dr. Garr is one of the most prolific authors in the Hebraic Heritage movement today. Over the years, he has written over a dozen books that have become a staple in Bible colleges, home fellowships, and minister’s libraries around the world. Some of his books include: Our Lost Legacy, The Hem of His Garment, God’s Lamp – Man’s Light, Family Worship: Making Your Home a House of God, and many more. He is the found of the Hebraic Heritage Global Community and Golden Key Books. He has appeared on the Daystar Christian Network, and his seminars on our Hebraic heritage are in demand worldwide. Dr. Garr is also an alumnus of Biblical Life College and Seminary.

Rob Skiba

Rob Skiba is an award-winning documentary filmmaker and the best-selling author of several non-fiction books including: Babylon Rising: And The First Shall Be Last and Archon Invasion: The Rise, Fall and Return of the Nephilim. As an "ancient Nephilim theorist," Rob brings a unique and often unheard Biblical perspective to the UFO/alien discussion. He is now an internationally recognized public speaker on these subjects, often appearing on paranormal and prophecy talk shows and as a featured, keynote speaker at conferences all around the world.

As a graduate of the Hollywood Film Institute, his life-long dream has been to produce powerful television and motion picture productions. He is currently working full-time on the development and production of SEED the series.

2. The Rebranding of Our Podcast and the New Kingdom Intelligence Briefing Website

We have been quite pleased with the effectiveness of the Biblical Life Deep Waters Podcast. There is not a week that goes by that we hear how much the podcast has blessed someone’s life. We are expanding the format of the podcast to include interviews with men and women that are on the cutting edge of what God is doing in the earth today. The new, enhanced podcast will serve as a Kingdom Intelligence Briefing for the Body of Christ. Beyond the podcast, we have set up a special website that will include:

  • · Outlines of the information shared on each podcasts.
  • · Links to download additional resources.
  • · Announcements of new book releases.
  • · Articles that deal with end-time prophecy, revival, and spiritual warfare.

We invite you to visit the new site often and to share it with your friends and colleagues.

3. Blood on the Altar is Now a Number 1 Best-seller on Amazon

As many of you know, best-selling Christian author, Dr. Tom Horn, has released a new collaborative book entitled, “Blood on the Altar: the Coming Christian vs. Christian War.” Contributing authors include: Gary Stearman (Prophecy in the News), Dr. Chuck Missler (Koinonia House and Koinonia Institute), Cris Putnam (Internationally respected researcher), Dr. Michael Lake (Biblical Life College and Seminary), and many others.

This book has been a number 1 best-seller on for eight weeks straight. There have been reports of revival and ministries purchasing the book by the case for their members.

This book provides key prophetic insights into the days ahead from men and women with a proven track record of understanding the times we are living in. Blood on the Altar contains vital information that you, your family, and your church needs to know.

Blood on the Altar is available on and

4. What Witches Don’t Want Christians to Know – Expanded Edition is Now Available

Were covert experiments, involving mind control and the occult, conducted in the areas surrounding military bases throughout the United States?  
The pages of this book recount some shocking events in a small town in Missouri. Mary Lake had struggled with depression for years and couldn’t find the joy that the Scriptures indicate is available to all Christians. In her quest to find answers, she was not only healed and delivered, but this process uncovered a startling revelation of dark practices in the small town where she was raised. God shined the light on some of Satan’s greatest secrets. In this book, she shares how God protected her family from assassination attempts and face-to-face encounters with Satan’s followers, who were desperately trying to keep their secrets hidden. She also shares the truths that her family learned during this process that were essential for their safety, as she endeavored to break down the prison doors for the people that she loved. These biblical truths will help any Christian family stay under the protective cover of Almighty God.

Mary has expanded her book with even more information that exposes the darkness being perpetrated on unsuspecting citizens in countless communities across the nation. It also provides God’s answer to counteract the occult’s influence in our churches and lives.

Order your copy today.

5. Fall Enrollment Drive at Biblical Life College and Seminary Has Begun

Summer is winding down, and it is time to focus once again on the education you need to be successful in the ministry.  Whether you are just starting out in the first year of Bible College or you are wanting to complete an advanced Seminary degree in ministry, now is the time to enroll.  

To help you move forward, BLCS is making the following discounts available for a limited time.  This will be the last time in 2014 that we will offer savings like this.

Enroll Using Plan B (Monthly Payment Plan)

You will receive a $50.00 gift certificate toward materials from BLCS at enrollment and another $50.00 gift certificate after six months of being faithful in your monthly payments.

Enroll Using Plan C (Full Payment with Enrollment)

If you enroll and pay full tuition with enrollment, you will receive the following discounts:

  • All Undergraduate Programs and all 30 to 60 SCH Masters Programs:  35% Discount on Tuition.
  • All Master of Divinity and Doctoral Programs:  40% Discount on Tuition.

This offer is good from July 25 through September 30, 2014.

To qualify for these offers, BLCS must receive your enrollment application with payment by September 30, 2014.  Please write “BLCS Fall 2014 Enrollment Drive” on the top of your application form.

Canaanite Altar and the Federal Reserve–Part 1

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Remnant of the Most High God, welcome to Episode 20 and the official rebranding of Biblical Life Deep Waters Podcast. With this episode, we have become the Kingdom Intelligence Briefing – a resource to prepare the Remnant for the unfolding of end-time prophecy. In the months to come, we will be transforming our podcast to include:

· Teachings from myself and other faculty members of Biblical Life College and Seminary.

· Review and commentary on current headlines that play a role in end-time prophecy.

· Interviews with men and women on the cutting edge of what God is doing today in the Kingdom of God

· Plus, a whole lot more.

News from Biblical Life

1.   I want to thank everyone for praying for me as I move forward with the new book project. I am hoping to have the completed manuscript to Dr. Tom Horn and Defender’s Publishing by the end of the month. This will position this new work to be published and for sale during this fall season.

2.   Blood on the Altar is now a number 1 best seller on and several other book lists! This collaborative work is being used by God to wake up the Body of Christ. If you have not purchased a copy yet, I encourage you to go to either  or Survivor Mall  to purchase one today. The vital information in this book can help prepare you and your family for the days ahead!

3.   Fall Enrollment Drive at Biblical Life College and Seminary is now here. Special offers include gift certificates for those using the monthly payment plan and a savings of up to 40% for those paying their tuition in full with enrollment. For more information, visit our website at:

Now to Our Episode

In Episode 20, we have been given permission from one of our newest Adjunct Professors, Rob Skiba, to rebroadcast two important episodes from Revolutionary Radio. In these broadcasts, Rob is interviewing Tim Bence and reveals powerful information regarding a Canaanite/Nephilim Altar and the formation of the Federal Reserve. No one realized that the architects of the Federal Reserve drew from the mystical/satanic energies of an ancient Indian altar where untold children were sacrificed to the gods of the Timucua tribe that originally inhabited Jekyll Island. We need to realize that God is not sitting idle during these days. He has many servants on strategic Kingdom missions that are critical in the last days. God is not only revealing the hidden working of the Elite, He is moving to judge their works for the sake of the Remnant! Episode 20 is part one of the two-part series.


KIB_logo_smallKingdom Intelligence Briefing

A Ministry of Biblical Life College and Seminary


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Thomas Horn’s explosive exposé remains at top spot of several lists

Published: August 3, 2014

SPRINGFIELD – Thomas Horn’s exposé of growing persecution of Christians skyrocketed to No. 1 on several book seller lists (including weeks before its release—where it remains a full month after it first hit retailer shelves.

Blood On The Altar: The Coming War Between Christian vs. Christian is the result of over a year of solid investigations into the growth of Christian persecution in the United States and abroad.

With the help of twelve well-known co-authors, the brand new title from Defender Publishing’s CEO cites recent reports starting with the Pew Research Center (PRC)—a prestigious think tank based in Washington, DC (which provides information on social issues and demographic trends shaping the world)—whose January 2014 report, "Religious Hostilities Reach Six-Year High,” chronicled the steady growth of religious persecution around the world. The PRC study found that social hostilities involving religion are currently most frequently directed against people of Christian faith. A report from the non-denominational group Open Doors confirmed the PRC findings, saying the number of Christians martyred around the world for their faith nearly doubled in 2013. It’s a frightening trend that shows no sign of halting.

Besides the Middle East, where persecution of Christians has been growing, the Pew findings also detail an escalation in the United States from the lowest category of government restrictions on Christian expressions as of mid-2009 to an advanced category in only three years, where it appears poised to continue upward at the time the investigative book Blood on the Altar headed to the printer. “If recent activity is any indication, it may not be long before ‘one nation under God’ joins those red-listed countries where Bible-based believers find themselves under the most severe discrimination,” writes Horn.

National Review Online supports Horn’s criticism of current US policy. In a recently posted review by Raymond Ibrahim, a Shillman fellow at the David Horowitz Freedom Center, the 2014 World Watch List (which ranks the fifty nations where Christians are most persecuted) is cited to determine that the US has become “the chief facilitator of the persecution of Christians around the world today.” While Ibrahim’s assertion mostly reflects American involvement in foreign conflicts, examples of repression in the US against people of Christian faith are growing, and examples are easily obtained online.

But Blood on the Altar goes beyond journalists and think tanks to expose the dangerous culture war that is dividing churches and pitting “Christian against Christian” over issues like gay marriage, ecumenism, and even Obama’s healthcare policies (where, despite a recent Supreme Court ruling [the “Hobby Lobby” case], polls show a whopping majority of Americans by a margin of two-to-one disagree with the Supreme Court and want federal mandates against Christians in such cases).

The surprising reaction to Blood on the Altar prompted the top-ranking radio show Hagmann & Hagmann to invite Horn on with veteran broadcaster Stephen Quayle to discuss (for a lengthy six hours) what some are calling “the best radio series of all time.” On that program (which remained the number one BlogTalkRadio News show in the world for several weeks) Horn broke new territory that ranged from social issues to science and technology. He discussed how these will play a role in what he called “a coming war on real Christianity,” generating commentary from blogs and news sites around the globe and sparking controversy.

Co-author Dr. Michael Lake, a Christian college president in Missouri, reported just last week that Blood on the Altar may also be stirring things up in churches. “I just got off the phone with a pastor in New York City,” Lake told Horn in an email. “I was in NYC to present the seminar I developed that included the book, Blood on the Altar. At the seminar, there were about 80 pastors and bishops representing 65 or so churches in NYC with attendance anywhere from several hundred to a thousand or more. […] This pastor informed me that he has been preaching from the syllabus and Blood on the Altar for the past week or so, and that many of the other pastors have been doing the same thing. Those churches have been moved to repentance for becoming lukewarm. Revival is beginning to start…even among the teenagers!”

This was great news to Horn. A goal of the book from the beginning has been that people might receive the work as a significant warning before it is too late and act upon the facts by diligently praying and offering up true repentance.

Billy Graham’s son is calling for the same thing. In an article on the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association’s website, Franklin Graham recently posted:

Hardly a day passes that I don’t hear someone say, “We are losing our country; we are losing our churches.”

While doomsday appears to be knocking at our door, let me take you back to the early 1800s. Many think of it as “the good old days,” but history tells us that society, even then, was as bad as it could get at that time. John Marshall, chief justice of the United States Supreme Court, wrote to President James Madison and said, “The church is too far gone ever to be redeemed.” When we examine why, we find that preachers had stopped preaching the whole Gospel of Jesus Christ, and the people were not hearing God’s Word.

What changed? Christians began to diligently pray for revival—and the result was the Second Great Awakening. When people’s prayers stormed the heavens, and when the Bible was opened in the pulpits and the Word of God proclaimed by passionate preachers, the church was awakened from slumber by the Holy Spirit, who moved in hearts, spreading revival throughout the heartland of America.

(Graham’s mention of the Great Awakenings and statement that it is time for another such occurrence gave Horn an idea: Why not publish the sermons that were delivered by the preachers of the Great Awakenings and give those to people who buy Blood on the Altar? That idea evolved to include some other resources and even a way for people to get the new book free, which one can learn about by following the graphic-link at the top of the webpage here:

Another of the authors in Blood on the Altar is Dr. Chuck Missler—a well-known Christian apologist and founder of the Koinonia House ministry based in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho. He, too, believes there could be a light at the end of the tunnel regarding Christian persecution. As conservative believers find it increasingly difficult to attend liberal (and sometimes hostile) churches, he relates:

There is presently a groundswell across America—as in many other parts of the world—in which people are meeting in small groups in homes during the week, rediscovering the Bible, and enjoying a more intimate fellowship than they find in “Sunday church.” Many of these are encouraged and supported by their formal church associations; others simply meet independently. This is especially true of many young people, to whom “Sunday church” is a spectator sport, and who seek more personal participation and accountability.

After all, this is the way it all began: twelve guys along the seashore with their Teacher. All the remarkable episodes of the early church in the book of Acts occurred in homes. It wasn’t until the fourth century that edifices began to be erected, when Christians exchanged the rags of the caves for the silks of the court. And committed ambassadors were replaced with hirelings, inserted between an attendee and the Word itself.

In more than sixty years as a practicing Christian, the place that I’ve always seen people really grow spiritually is within small group Bible studies: where they can ask questions and hold each other accountable.

Do these hopes imply, as some believe, that the increase in persecution of true believers around the world today may presage an imminent, latter-day awakening…a revival in the purest sense of the word? Thomas Horn sure hopes so. But one thing he’s certain of: Growing animosity against Christians is a real and present danger that is only going to worsen in the days ahead.

“Between now and that climactic encounter when the supernatural battle spoken of in the Bible’s books of prophecy begins in earnest, we can expect the divide between religious and authentic Christianity to deepen,” he writes. “It is hard for us to imagine that, in places like the United States, true believers could someday be burned alive in churches, but it is happening in Nigeria now. It is hard for us to perceive that some might be beheaded, but this is a reality in Syria today. We can hardly fathom good people being crucified alive, but Pakistani Christians are living with this nightmare now. And in the United States, that city on a hill once listed among the safest locations on earth for Christians, a tide of anti-Christ sentiment has in only the last few years pushed this country into a category recently reserved for only those governments that restrict and criminalize expressions of real Christianity. How many more years will people be able to buy a book like this before it is banned?”

We cannot answer that question. At least for now, people are buying it by the case.