Month: April 2015

Understanding the Kingdom–Part 5

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Because of Grace, God drives man out of the Garden

Understanding the Kingdom – Part 5

Biblical Life TV

In this episode, we examine several things:  (1) Did all of the angels fall when Lucifer fell or was their fall progressive throughout history?, (2) The Nachash is the symbol for all illumination within all esoteric societies and this wisdom James calls devilish, (3) God’s grace caused Adam and Eve to be driven from the Garden, and (4) there is evidence that the flaming sword was used by God to divide and separate the three Heavens.

Dr. Michael K. Lake

Understanding the Kingdom – Part 4

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Digging Deeper into Understanding the Nachash


Understanding the Kingdom – Part 4

In this episode, we examine further who or what the Nachash is and its possible activities in South America in history.  Then we turn our attention to what really happened in the heart of man when Adam sinned, were did it originate, and its turn nature.  Finally, we examine the promise of God for deliverance and how this deliverance is connected to Passover and the completed work of Christ on the Cross. Powerful session in the Word of God!

Dr. Michael K. Lake

Chancellor of Biblical Life College and Seminary

Author of the Best-Seller, The Shinar Directive:  Preparing the Way for the Son of Perdition

Meeting the Future Head-On Enrollment Drive Extended to April 10

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Meeting the Future Head-On Enrollment Drive Extended to April 10

Last week, we began experiencing problems with our website. Then the weekend came and the site was completely down until Monday morning. We have had reports that many wanted to download enrollment applications to take advantage of our “Meeting the Future Head-One” Enrollment Drive Special, but were unable to because of this situation.

The help those that were impeded by this disruption of service with our site, we are extending the special until April 10. So you still have time to enroll and to take advantage of the tremendous savings being offered.