Month: February 2014

BLDW Podcast–Episode 12

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foundation_stonesRestoring the Foundations of the Righteous – Part 1.

The Elite (Illuminati) have been working inside Evangelical Christianity for decades to pervert the foundations of true biblical faith.  We are seeing the effects of this all across the Body of Christ.  It is time to wake up, take personal responsibility for our spiritual lives, and to begin rebuilding our theological and moral foundations again.  It is time for the Remnant to rise up and claim their divine rights in the Kingdom of God.

Host:  Dr. Michael K. Lake.  Chancellor and Founder of Biblical Life College and Seminary (

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BLDW Podcast Episode 11: Breaking Out of the Devil’s Box

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contortion business manager in box ready to travelEpisode 11 – Breaking Out of the Devil’s Box. 

The enemy of our soul loves to block us in and hold us back from achieving our potential in the Kingdom of God.  He uses a threefold approach: Generational Curses, Iniquity, and Generational Tendencies.  In this episode we examine them and discover God’s threefold approach to bringing them down!  It is time to get free and make our lives count for the Kingdom of God!

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BLA-EP3: Moving Forward in Our Jubilee Part 3

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Bringing Spirituality Back to the Home


Part of moving forward in the Jubilee anointing that God is releasing is to begin setting things in our lives and family in order biblically and enter into the rhythmic flow of the Kingdom of God.  Part of that flow is understanding the Sabbath.  In this video, Dr. Lake shares a biblical foundation of understanding the Sabbath, how we were disenfranchised from it, and how it can be used to re-establish spirituality in the home.

Note:  For a deeper study of the Sabbath, we have an eight-part MP3 audio series entitled "The Sabbath:  A Biblical Investigation" available at the BLA website that can be freely downloaded from our Digital Library.

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