Month: March 2013

BLCS Office Will Be Closed from March 28–April 1

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071010_1527_godsprophet1Dr. Lake will be traveling this week to Cleveland, TN for the Restoration Fellowship International (RFI) Passover/Holy Week Conference and Yeshiva.  Because of his travels, the BLCS office will be closed from March 28 – April 1. 

He will be back in the office on April 2. 


Office Closed on March 22

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BLCS will be closed today because of yesterday’s snow storm. First few days of Spring have proved to be very interesting!

The Authority to Become

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The Authority to Become:  Not only is there a pattern in Heaven of the Tabernacle, there is a true pattern for you in the heart of God.  Through Messiah, we have been given authority to become the person God had in His heart when He gave life to you in the womb!


You are given authority to become who God says you are!

The Cult of the Willfully Ignorant & the Dumbing Down of America

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Education has been a driving force in the Protestant Movement since its conception.  Yet today, we have believers that completely ignore 2 Timothy 2:15 in an age where information has never been more accessible!  At the same time, secular education in America is being dumbed down.  Theological sound bites do not replace sound doctrine!  It is time to take authority over our education: both sacred and secular.


Today’s Church prefers Sound Bites Over Sound Doctrine

Biblical Authority–Part 4

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Biblical Authority – Part 4:  Jesus came to seek that which was lost: man and his authority.  Understanding our restored authority is essential to living a victorious Christian life.  We need to realize Jesus restored our authority over the miracle working power of the enemy.