Month: December 2011

New Tuition Special

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Chart Your Course for Victory!


8075790True leadership is expressed by the vision to chart one’s course through challenging times toward victory. Education has always been a strategic element for success in ministry. BLCS is ready to assist you in your educational endeavors. If you are ready to move forward and see more accomplished in your life and ministry than ever before, call or email for a free consultation.

Current Tuition Special:

  • Enrolling Using Plan C (Full Payment with Enrollment): You will receive a full 35% discount on tuition on all programs.
Offer Ends March 31, 2012.


Coupon must accompany enrollment and cannot be used for programs by the National Chaplains Institute.

The Bond Servant–Part 6

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How to Overcome a Stiffnecked Spirit


The Bond Servant – Part 6:  In this session, Dr. Lake examines the recalcitrant nature of the Body of Christ and then looks at the Apostle Paul’s cure for this carnal tendency.


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