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Biblical Life Update – Toward 2010

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Dr. Lake’s Daughter in St. Louis

Jennifer was brought to consciousness yesterday. She seems to be strong and so far there are no indications of any problems with the surgery. She still has a long road to recovery. Rehab in the hospital will at least be a month long. There are still many obstacles to overcome. We appreciate the prayers of all of our students, friends, and partners. Your continued prayers will be a vital part of her continued recovery.

Projects in January

28th Edition of the BLCS Catalog

Dr. Lake is currently working on the 28th edition of the college and seminary catalog. There are only a few minor changes. He hopes to submit it to the publishing company next week and will have them in stock by mid-January. Changes to the website information and posting of the new catalog in PDF should be accomplished by January 5.

Completing the Feasts of the LORD Series

January 6 is scheduled for the final session in the much anticipated "Feast of the LORD & Their Spiritual Significance of the Believer" series. All previous sessions have already been edited and master DVD’s have been renders. The study guide should be submitted to the publisher by the 7th. We are estimating about three weeks to have the professionally printed study guides available.

Growing in Grace DVD Series Complete

Last week’s seminar on "Growing in Grace" was a wonderful success. All five sessions have been edited and the master DVD’s have been rendered. The study guide will be submitted to the publisher for printing. Again, we are excepting about a three week turnaround for printing.

Kingdom Authority & Warfare 3 Classes Begin

KAW 3 classes are scheduled to begin on January 13. This will be the first semester length class that will be both audio and videotaped. It is a milestone for both Dr. Lake and BLCS. All future classes taught by Dr. Lake will be available in MP3, CD, and DVD.

The new pricing for lectures at BLCS will be:

  • $6.00 per MP3 lecture
  • $7.00 per CD lecture
  • $8.00 per DVD lecture

Thanks to our Vision Project partners, we are able to produce our DVDs so affordably!

It is our goal in the next two years to have all of Dr. Lake’s classes available on DVD. Please keep him and BLCS in your prayers. This is a massive project!

Holy Fire – Strange Fire Seminar About Ready

Dr. Lake was able to teach this powerful seminar at Love Gospel Assembly/Antioch School of Urban Ministry in New York during November. The task of converting from raw DVD footage to editable video has proven a little more complicated, but we are about 75% complete on editing and rendering the sessions. We already have the proof of the study guide back from the publisher and the first shipment of them should be shipped next week.

The Year of the Turnaround

The Holy Spirit has been dealing with Dr. Lake over the past month or so that 2010 will be the year of the turnaround. God has given him very specific instructions on how to flow with the Kingdom of God for this turnaround anointing. He is planning to write an article and to produce a video that will be posted on YouTube and our website. We will make sure to let you know as soon as it is available!

BLCS Seminary Update and Prayer Request

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1. Thank You for Your Prayers

This past weekend we had an emergency in our family. One of my daughters, Jennifer, almost died from complications caused by a gastric-bypass surgery she had several years ago. The LORD saw it that she ended up on Monday with one of the best surgeons in St. Louis. This wonderful doctor and the LORD shared her life. She has been stabilized, but she is not out of the woods yet. She ended up having 2/3rds of her small intestine removed and is in a drug induced coma while her body heals. Save a miracle from the LORD to replace nearly her entire digestive tract, she will have a long road in her recovery. She is a fighter – she fully intends to raise her two small boys.

Please remember to keep Jennifer and her family in your prayers.

2. Winter Break Starting Early

Our normal schedule calls for Winter Break to begin on Monday, December 21. Because of this family emergency, we will be starting Winter Break tomorrow. This will allow Mary and I to spend time with Jennifer in St. Louis (about 200 miles away).

During the break, I will be checking our office e-mail regularly. Please use for any questions, prayer requested, etc. Just be patient and give me a couple of days to get back with you.