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Biblical Life Vision Project

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We have been very active at Biblical Life over the past year. The following will bring you up to speed concerning our accomplishments in the past twelve months. We have:

Completed two ground-breaking courses on spiritual warfare from a Hebraic perspective: Kingdom Authority & Warfare 1 & 2. These courses have been revolutionary for those that have taken them! We should start Kingdom Authority & Warfare 3 this fall.

Reviewed, updated and professionally published study guides for the following courses:

  • The Life of Faith
  • Biblical Life Prayer Dynamics
  • The Priesthood of the Believer
  • The Leader of One
  • Kingdom Authority & Warfare 1
  • Kingdom Authority & Warfare 2

We have also seen God begin to move in wonderful ways in our classes and local services. (I encourage you to download the new series “Holy Fire – Strange Fire” from our website. You will find it in the “No Travel Seminar” page.)

God has been dealing with me about bringing in a new phase of ministry at Biblical Life using the materials that I have personally developed for the seminary.

clip_image006I want you to imagine these same powerful materials being made available to everyone, not just those enrolled with BLCS. Can you imagine men and women gathered in their living rooms or studies going through “The Life of Faith” or “Kingdom Authority & Warfare 1” – maybe in small groups using the study guides? Sounds wonderful, doesn’t it. Now add DVD! DVD would add a new dimension for the seminary, for all the schools that are a part of the BLCS International Educational Network and for all the new families and home fellowships that would be able to use the materials. Can you see the possibilities? Can you see how many lives could be transformed and empowered? To accomplish this, I am going to need your help!

There will be several phases to this project, because it is more than just using a camcorder to videotape the sessions. We will have to update equipment, purchase new equipment and software, and learn how to videotape, edit and produce DVDs. We will eventually require some remodeling and moving /expansion of our office.

clip_image004Phase One

Phase One will involve purchasing new computers and software. This is a current need in our office anyway. The systems we are currently using for the seminary are single-core systems (running Windows XP). Although these computers were wonderful five years ago, they are barely running the software we use for publishing, keeping track of our students and maintaining the day-to-day operations of the ministry. In fact, we have been postponing many software upgrades because our current systems will not run them. These computers have got to be updated before we can move forward.

We need to purchase four new desktop computers that can run the newer software to operate the ministry and that can edit and produce videos for DVD. I have done the research and have settled on a quad-core system from HP. These systems have everything we need, to include portable media bays for transporting projects between computers. Believe it or not, we can purchase them through Sam’s Club for about $1,500.00 each.

clip_image008Phase Two

We will then purchase the first video camera that will tie directly into our PA system and that can save directly to DVD. We will change things around in our class (also a makeshift sanctuary) so that videotaping and PowerPoint will be feasible.

Here is where I am going to roll up my sleeves and go into overdrive. I have already spoken to our local men’s class. As soon as the basic equipment is set up, I will be teaching at least two nights a week. The first night, I will be updating and reteaching all the classes you already love at BLCS – this time they will be on DVD and not just MP3. The second night, I will be developing and teaching new classes such as: Kingdom Authority & Warfare 3 and Understanding the Feasts of the LORD and Their Spiritual Applications.

Although this project will double my workload, I feel impressed of the Holy Spirit that it must be done to help prepare the Body of Christ for the days ahead.


Phase Three – Moving and Remodeling

For those of you that have visited our office in Marshfield, you know that several years back I separated half of our office space and established a classroom for teaching. Although it crammed us into half the space administratively, many powerful classes have come out of our sacrifice. As we progress with DVD taping, we will need to move our office into another section of the plaza we are in and expand the classroom into the entire space we are now using. This will also allow us to upgrade to a two-camera system, which is highly recommended for proper DVD recording.

The cost of moving the office, equipment, and phones will need to be covered as well as remodeling to utilize the space properly. God, in His foresight, has given us a good group of men that can help with the eventual move and remodeling. We have even had one student in New York pledge to fly down to help with the work. (God is so good!)


The Cost

First let me say that the tuition BLCS receives will not cover this project, any more than the general offering at a Church will fund a new project. Our tuition is similar to a general offering; it covers our day-to-day operations. Just as a local congregation would need to start a project or building fund, so do we.

For many ministries, a project like this could run several hundred thousand dollars. Those of you that are familiar with Biblical Life know we specialize in streamlining and in being cost effective. It is the only way that we have been able to keep your education at the seminary so affordable. We will purchase the equipment at the best prices available; we will be able to obtain academic pricing on most of the software, and we will do the remodeling and setting up of the equipment ourselves. All of this will drastically reduce the cost of this project!

I believe we can complete this entire project for around $40,000.00. These funds would take care of the following:

  • Updated Computers
  • Updated Software
  • New Software for Video Production
  • New Video Equipment
  • New DVD Production Equipment
  • Eventual Moving and Remodeling Costs

I plan to move forward as the funds are available, step-by-step. I would love to be in a position to start filming when we start our new class on Kingdom Authority & Warfare 3 at the end of September. To accomplish this, I need your help.

Please pray about giving to the Biblical Life Vision Project. Working together, we can make this vision from the Holy Spirit a reality! Also listen to Part 3 of the message on “Holy Fire – Strange Fire” from our website. I share some of my vision for this project in that message.

Those of you, who have been a part of Biblical Life for some time, know that I am not big on fundraising. In fact, this short note about the project has been difficult for me. It is something I so rarely do; I am not quite sure how to approach it. So I am just sharing from my heart. If God is in it, He will touch your heart and we can move forward. I believe this project is so important that I have left my comfort zone of just teaching, and I am asking for your help. This is how strongly I feel that the LORD wants this done right now!

Finally, there is something else I plan to do. Since you are helping me raise the funds to make this possible, we are going to follow the tradition of Biblical Life with the DVDs. We are not going to place just one session on a DVD and charge $24.00 or more a session. That is not the Biblical Life way! Just like with the MP3 CDs, I believe we can get more than one session per DVD. We are currently charging $7.00 per session on MP3. I plan on charging only $8.00 per session on DVD! This means for a few dollars more, our students will be able to opt for DVD instead of the MP3!

Would you like to help me make this vision a reality? Pray and ask the Holy Spirit to show you if you are to support this vision project with a love gift and be obedient with what He tells you. Don’t give any more or any less than He instructs you. Obedience always brings the greatest blessing!


Biblical Life Vision Project

Yes! I would like to help. I have prayed and God has shown me an amount to give.


Please make checks or money orders payable to Biblical Life and write “Vision Project” in the memo.

[ ]  I am enclosing this one- time gift for $___________________.

[  ]  I am pledging $____________________ for this project and will send gifts each month until my pledge is fulfilled.

[  ]  Please place my one-time love gift on my  [  ]  MasterCard or [  ] VISA

Amount: ___________

Card Number: _______________________________

Expiration Date: _______________________

Authorizing Signature: __________________________________________________

[  ] Please place a monthly pledge on my [  ] MasterCard or [  ] VISA

Amount: ___________

Card Number: ______________________________

Expiration Date: ________________________

Date of the Month for Charge to be Applied to Account: __________________

Authorizing Signature: ______________________________________________

Please lift us up in your prayers each day also. This is a big project for us. We have much to learn and much to do. Your prayers will make a difference, and we appreciate your time in prayer more than we can express!

Please mail to:

Biblical Life Vision Project

P. O. Box 588

Marshfield, MO 65706-0588

If you are using a credit or debit card, you can fax in your pledge to: 417-468-2037.

The Fire of God Has Come to Biblical Life

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19305664 For the past several weeks, the Holy Spirit has been having me minister on “Holy Fire – Strange Fire.” The Body of Christ needs to learn that not only is there the holy fire of God, but there is also a fire that comes from Hell itself! In the days to come, know the difference can keep you from being deceived. It is time to know the difference and how to flow in the true fire of God.

In our services each week, the presence of God has been getting stronger. The fire of God is beginning to fall on Biblical Life! This past week as I was ministering, the power of God so manifested itself that everyone in attendance thought that God had shook the building. What was being said so shifted the spiritual atmosphere of the service that you could physically feel it. As you listen to part 3 of this series, see if you can tell where it happened.

I encourage you to download these powerful messages and see the fire of God released into your life and ministry. We have placed the first three messages in our “No Travel Seminar” section of the website:

Between Vision and Realization

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by Michael K. Lake, Th.D., D.R.E.

Proverbs 29:18a (KJV)
18 Where there is no vision, the people perish . . .”

Over the past decade, many people have entered the dialogue of the need for vision and vision casting. I remember a time when few spoke of it, even fewer had it and no one realized the power of it. The paradigm has changed greatly within our leadership models; therefore, vision, vision casting, and mission statements are as common place as bibles in our churches.

One of the things that the Holy Spirit has impressed upon on me lately is that there is more to seeing a vision accomplished than having a vision and having faith. To be honest, getting the vision is the easy part. The hard part is the research, study, discipline and diligent effort that must be added to the vision to see it fulfilled. I believe part of the dilemma that many of us face is that we treat a vision for ministry from the LORD the same way we treat true prophetic words. Somehow we have the misconception that if they are from God, they will come to pass . . . almost effortlessly. We think, “Hey God is in it, so everything will go smoothly.” That sounds great until you read the Bible! I cannot find one individual, to include Jesus, for whom everything went smoothly or the vision came to pass easily! Actually the opposite is true. If they heard from God, the enemy was sure to resist their efforts. Faith is not “hoping” something will happen. Faith is the substance of things hoped for and working hard with God to MAKE things happen that are in-line with God’s will and purposes.

The Word tells us:

Ecclesiastes 5:3 (KJV)
3 For a dream cometh through the multitude of business; and a fool’s voice is known by multitude of words.

Many times we see truths from God’s Word through the lens of our current focus. As our focus changes, new truths can explode into our hearts. The first time I read this verse (when my mental lens was focused on vision), it was like a slap in the face. Everyone is talking vision, but how many are rolling up their sleeves and making the vision a reality? Are we going to be speaking a lot of words or are we going to get down to business with our visions from the Throne of Grace?

We need to view vision the same way an architect does. He may “see” a beautiful and useful building in his heart, but he never stops there. He will do the research to find the right materials, follow all the proper codes, use the best materials and then begin to draft a step-by-step plan to bring his vision to life. Once the blueprint is completed, the real work begins. The proper foundations must be laid. Every detail, down to the smallest thing, is researched and implemented with great care and determination. Setbacks are expected, as with any great endeavor. The resolve is to place the “sweat-equity” into the project to make it a reality. A great builder will also insure safety and maintenance are clearly defined and enforced.

Any visionary or builder knows that it is the day-to-day operations that can make or break a project. Yet for many in ministry, we have forgotten this truth. Faith cannot replace daily discipline and determination. Faith must FUEL the daily discipline and determination!

Later on this week, I am going to be laying out a detailed plan to bring about a vision that God has given me for Biblical Life. The end result will not only be the expansion of the seminary, but taking the powerful truths that God has placed within my spirit outside the walls of the seminary and into the homes of anyone hungry for more of God and His Word. To do this, the vision must be cast. Not only must the vision be cast, but a detailed plan must be developed. Not only must a detailed plan be developed, but it must be communicated to others that can aid in its fulfillment. Then others can receive a blessing, too.

I also pray that as you read this upcoming “Vision Plan for the Next Level,” you will be able to glean ways to develop your own detailed plan to fulfill what God has called you to do. Here are some things I have learned from the Holy Spirit in regard to bringing a vision to pass:

  • You cannot do it alone. I have tried for years – it doesn’t work! Many of you have been greatly blessed by the articles and Mentor’s Tips that I have been publishing this past year and a half. If it was not for the diligent proofreading of my wonderful wife (who was a professional secretary for the government for years), many of you would still be wondering what I was trying to say. Sometimes she files correspondence that I have sent out in a hurry, and she says, “You didn’t have me proof this, did you?” We work best together. It is always a team effort!

  • You must become the example of excellence and determination for the vision God has given you. You set the standard for those that will join with you to see it come to pass.

  • You must always share the credit for its success. Since you could not do it alone, you cannot receive the credit alone either.

  • You must always bear the blame, if it does not succeed. Leadership does not pass the blame; it accepts it and then builds a bridge to success.

  • You must daily fight to see each step established. One of the most powerful statements that I have ever read was in a book by Prophet John Mark Poole. He said that many times you will have to be involved in prophetic warfare to see the prophetic word come to pass. If it is that way with prophetic words, it will certainly be that way with bringing your vision to pass!

  • You must seek the face of God for His blessing on those that come along side you to work. We always seem to ask God to bless the vision or project. If we do it right, it will be blessed! Part of doing it right is to seek Heaven’s blessing on those who stood by you.

  • Once you arrive, you must work daily to maintain what God has entrusted to you. This truth is important. How can God expand your vision, if you are not maintaining it? It would be like trying to build a new wing onto a building that is falling apart. Stewardship is important in the Kingdom of God!

Do you have your vision? What’s your plan to see it fulfilled? Are you working your plan, and are you maturing as it is developed? Consistency is a vital part of maturing!

If you have let the vision lay dormant because of discouragement, it is time to pick it back up, dust it off, and develop your plan (daily working it with a new fervor and consistency)! You may be like the Jewish people returning from Babylon. They had to rebuild the walls of Jerusalem with a brick in one hand and a sword in the other – but when the walls were built, blessing came!

Don’t give up hope. Your blessing and the fulfillment of your vision are waiting for you. God is waiting to confirm the Word that He has released in your heart with signs, wonders and blessings!

Time for Advancement & the Fire of God

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19305664 It seems like everything has come to a halt during this last year. Circumstances involved more than an economic recession. You may ask, “How do you know it was more than financial?” I know because I have received letters, e-mails and phone calls from students and ministers telling me that it seems like everything has stopped: church growth stopped, they stopped their studies, many even stopped praying as they used to, and many have lost their praise.

Somehow, we had become so intertwined with the world and its system, that when it paused, so did we. I believe this past year the Holy Spirit has been unwinding us from this worldly system. We are in the world, but we are not of the world. We are citizens of the Kingdom of God. We need to be so intertwined with the Kingdom where Jesus is Lord and King over all, that this world (and what goes on in it) does not affect us – rather it gives us a greater platform to point to the completed work of our King!

God is beginning to release a new fire from Heaven. This fire empowers, protects and purifies the believer. I have begun sharing about “Holy Fire – Strange Fire” with our congregation. This teaching has released such a powerful presence of God. Like the Children of Israel in the wilderness, in our darkness (night) God is releasing His pillar of fire to comfort and protect us. I encourage you to download these messages as they are released each week in MP3 at our congregational website. ( – this new series started August 1.) Get in on what the LORD is doing.

With this new fire from the presence of the LORD, there is an anointing to burn off bondages and all the enemy has done to hold you back. This fire also releases an anointing for Kingdom advancement. It is now time to move forward in the LORD and not to “pause” with the world!

How has this recession affected you?

· Have you stopped your vision for ministry?

· Have you stopped your studies or postponed enrolling?

· Have you stopped praying like you used to?

· Have you lost your praise?

There is a fire from God that is starting to flow now that will propel you forward! It is not only time to pick back up the vision, but it is time to expand it! It is time to move forward again in your preparation for ministry. It is time to praise and pray again! Can’t you sense it in your spirit?

“Father, I lift up everyone associated with Biblical Life. I come against every roadblock, every stumbling block, and every hindrance the enemy has placed in their lives to stop their advancements in the Kingdom of God. I ask that you would release the same fire of your Spirit into their lives that you are beginning to release here at Biblical Life. Burn up every obstacle that is holding them back. Let Your presence be as a pillar of fire for them in their wilderness. Let it give them warmth, protection, provision, and advancement in Your Kingdom – in Jesus’ Mighty Name.”

Plans for Advancement

We have several projects going on at Biblical Life. The first is our current “Plans for Advancement” Tuition Special. If you are planning on enrolling into BLCS, now is the perfect time. It is time to advance your knowledge of the Word and advance your ministry!

Option # 1:

Enroll Using Plan B (Monthly Payment Plan): Pay the standard $100.00 with your enrollment and we will make your first monthly payment. This will give you an extra 30 days before you need to start making monthly payments on your program.

Option #2:

Enroll Using Plan C (Full Tuition with Enrollment): If you pay your tuition in full with enrollment, you will receive the following discounts:

· Undergraduate Programs: 35% off

· Masters Programs (up to 60 SCHS): 35% off

· Master of Divinity Programs: 40% off

· Doctoral Programs: 40% off

This special will end on September 30, 2009.

(Note: This special is good for all programs offered by Biblical Life College & Seminary. It does not include the National Chaplains Institute.)

Advancement Plans at Biblical Life

We have some exciting plans at Biblical Life that include new courses that I will be teaching here locally. What are the plans – video recording. It is time for Biblical Life to move beyond audio recordings and move to DVD. We also have plans to make these new series available for individual believers and small groups outside of the seminar programs. It will bring the transformational teachings that God has placed within Biblical Life to anyone hungry for more of God worldwide!

This is a big project and will be in three phases. We will provide a detailed plan that you can be a part of within the next few weeks. For now, it is a time for you to:

Rekindle – Receive this new fire from above!

Retool – Receive the tools and education you need to fulfill your destiny!

Refuel – Receive a refreshing from the presence of God to begin moving forward again.

Regroup – Pick back up your vision, your determination, and your momentum for Kingdom advancement!

May God bless you and pour out the fire of His Spirit upon you. May we all move forward in the Kingdom of God together to see Jesus high and lifted up in the earth!

Michael K. Lake, Th.D., D.R.E.