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April – May Tuition Special

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Isn’t It Time to Invest In Yourself?

63321469 It seems that everyone is talking about investing in the economy  . . . everything but is really important.  For you to move forward in the ministry that God has called you to, you must invest in yourself!  Biblical Life College and Seminary is the best value in educational programs that transform for those called to the ministry.  No other bible college or seminary provides the balance of solid academics and transformational courses that empower like Biblical Life!

Isn’t it time for you to roll up your sleeves, invest in yourself, and move forward in God?  We have been assisting ministers just like you for nearly 30 years.  Why not set up a free consultation to see how BLCS can move you forward in your calling?

Current Tuition Special

  • Enroll using Plan C (Full Tuition Payment with Enrollment) and receive a full 35% discount on tuition on all programs, except for the Master of Divinity.  All M.Div. students will receive 40% off!

There has never been a better time to enroll!

Offer ends May 31, 2010.


Passover: The Ultimate Turnaround.

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passover1 This week’s message deals with powerful aspects of the Passover, the ten judgments of God upon Egypt, and the Turnaround Anointing God is releasing in the Body. Through these powerful truths, we learn not only what God has done, but what He is doing, and what He will do in the future! The message also begins with a prophetic word from Dr. Lake for this season.

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Biblical Life Victory Briefing BLOG

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blvb-logo We have been receiving reports that with all the videos that we are posting on YouTube that finding all the segments of each individual teaching can be frustrating.  To correct this problem, we have set up a special BLOG that will organize them for you.

We just uploaded April’s edition titled “Taking Down the Giants.”  We pray it will help you gain “Full Spectrum Preparation” for taking down your giants!

Biblical Life Victory Briefing Video BLOG

Kingdom Authority & Warfare 3 – Sample

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This is a new course being filmed for Biblical Life College and Seminary.  We hope to have it completed by the end of May.  After it is completed, filming will begin on all of Dr. Lake’s other courses. 

Thanks to all of our vision partners that made the DVD project a reality!

The Power of Writing in Ministerial Degree Programs

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writing1237253437 It seems like everyone in about every area of life is promoting the power of writing today, except in online degree programs for ministerial education. In fact, the trend seems to be just the opposite. Many online bible colleges and seminaries seem to be in a competition of who can require the least amount of writing. This trend not only concerns me, it actually frightens me.

I would like to point to the long history of exceptional ministers in the Body of Christ that were powerful writers. Many of those ministers still speak to us today. Their writing inspires us, challenges us, and even helps us through the most difficult of times. I could also point to the fact that we have the Bible because men of God were moved by the Holy Spirit to write. Where would we be if they shunned writing the way many aspirants of ministry seemed to be doing today?

Writing helps us connect to what we really believe, who we really are, and to the information we need to convey. In Christian counseling and ministerial mentorship, journaling (another form of writing) helps us to discover our strengths, come face-to-face with strongholds, and begin connecting the dots theologically to move to next level thinking in the Kingdom of God.

William J. Farrell, while president of Colorado State University, provided interesting insights into writing in his article “The Power of Writing.[1]” Let’s look at several of his statements:

“What is the most important skill a college president can have? . . . writing skills . . .”

“Whether in business, politics, or the academic world, most corporate decisions involve complex choices. To understand the complexity of a problem, as well as the available solutions, executives and board members must turn to written communications. The written report can present data and a level of analysis that would be difficult to convey in oral form.”

What Dr. Farrell was expressing is that the power of writing allows us to present and analyze important information that otherwise could not be processed properly. This fact is applicable to both those trying to understand the problem and those working to develop a solution. If writing is so important for analysis and problem solving in the business world, how much more powerful is it in the field of ministry?

Over the years, I have discovered two primary camps in ministry: the deep thinkers with great revelation and the shallow thinkers with pat answers (although there are many somewhere in between). I don’t know about you, but when it comes to walking with God and facing the challenges of life, I prefer depth! We think that there is something unique about those that can dig deeply into God’s Word, connect dots that most never realized existed, and discover powerful truths that enlighten and empower God’s people. That uniqueness is not that God has anointed them to think deeply. I actually believe God calls all of us to that task. What makes them unique is that they are avid readers AND WRITERS. These ministers have developed the discipline of taking notes, journaling, jotting down ideas, and then using the writing process to come to a deeper understanding of truth. I have known many of them over the years. For every one article they publish, there are hundreds of journal entries, pages of notes, brainstorming diagrams, etc. They have learned the fine art of thinking on paper.

You may be asking yourself: “Where did they learn to create such depth in their understanding of spiritual things?” That is an easy answer – in bible college and seminary, but not just any bible college or seminary! It was in schools of higher learning that required extensive reading and writing. They had to write for every class, and they had to write when they felt like it and when they didn’t. They had to write when it came directly against a stronghold that resisted the writing. However, they pressed forward, and (in the light of written analysis) the stronghold fell apart. They wrote until they discovered themselves and, in the process, found the depths of who Jesus really is!

My concern is that we are losing the art of writing, thus losing the art of deep spiritual analysis! Life seldom hands you a multiple choice exam. As an educator, I know you need a proper blending of all types of testing instruments to assess the progress of a student. Multiple choice and fill-in-the-blank questions all have their part in getting the student to focus on significant information in each study. Albeit, every true educator knows that the only way to evaluate where the student is emotionally, mentally, spiritually, and academically is through the process of writing. Until a minister can express the truth of God’s Word in writing, they do not possess sufficient depth in it to withstand the tests of life and ministry!

Without ample writing requirements in online ministerial degree programs, we not only shortchange the educational process, we shortchange the development of the minister. In turn, underdeveloped ministers shortchange ministry. These ministers will spend their days in ministry looking for a quick answer to fill in the blank for every problem. Quick sound bites of preformatted theological positions seldom provide comfort or lasting solutions to the Body of Christ! In the end, we could lose the transformational power of true ministry!

Both ministry and life require deep analysis of God’s Word and every challenge that faces us. Writing will always remain an essential tool of the well-prepared minister.

Copyright 2010 by Michael K. Lake, Th.D., D.R.E.


[1] Farrell, William J. The Power of Writing.


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Michael K. Lake, Th.D., D.R.E.

Chancellor and Founder

Dr. Lake is the chancellor and founder of Biblical Life College & Seminary and serves as an educational consultant for various Christian organizations around the world. He also serves as the Pastor of Biblical Life Assembly in Marshfield, MO. Dr. Lake is listed in the US Registry’s “Who’s Who Among Outstanding Americans,” Sterling’s “Who’s Who Executive Edition,” and the “Who’s Who Among American Teachers” for his accomplishments in ministry.

The Power of Preparing for Deliverance

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Few realize that the biblical model of deliverance is that one must be prepared to be delivered! In this week’s message, Dr. Michael K. Lake (Biblical Life College and Seminary) looks at the construction of the Tabernacle in the Wilderness and how it provides a pattern for being delivered by God.

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Understanding Kingdom Assignments

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Understanding Kingdom Assignments
Understanding Kingdom Assignments


As of late, I feel that I am in the Holy Spirit Advanced School of Learning. It seems that each day God is teaching me things that I did not know the day before. In our local congregation, God has been having me teach a series called “Foundations of Biblical Prosperity.” From the title, you may think you already know what I am teaching. I can assure you that you don’t. I have been waking up in the morning teaching things out of my spirit in ways I could not have imagined. In this series on Biblical Prosperity, the very last thing you will hear about is giving. Giving is only one component. Without adding all the rest, giving can be in vain. This is why many have gone bankrupt while they were tithing! These powerful messages are now available on MP3 CD along with a professionally printed study guide through Biblical Life Publishing (

God has also been teaching me about Kingdom Assignments. This is really something that I have never heard of before. I have heard about Kingdom Destiny, Kingdom Authority, Kingdom Power, etc., but assignments were not in the mix. So when God began speaking to me about them, He had my attention.

Kingdom Assignments come in all sizes. Some can be completed within one event, such as praying for someone. Others can take years, but will include daily sub-assignments. (We will go into more detail about sub-assignments in a moment.) One of the things that we need to understand is that when we accept the assignment, the Kingdom begins to go into operation to provide the resources, time and anointing to accomplish that task. That sounds reasonable, but our paradigms can keep us from those resources to fulfill a given assignment. Let me give you an example:

For a pastor, each service is a Kingdom Assignment to accomplish something in the Kingdom of God — usually within the lives of those attending. When a pastor realizes each service can become a specific Kingdom Assignment, he will seek the face of God for instructions. Once he receives those instructions, he accepts that assignment. Immediately the Kingdom will begin realigning things within his spirit, his congregation and even the atmosphere to accomplish that assignment. Without this mindset, weekly services become a routine. The pastor and staff will find themselves going through the motions with little devotion. (I have been there and can speak from personal experience.) The sermons become “what the people want to hear.” The songs become “what the people want to sing.” We move from “divine visitation” to “Christian entertainment and motivational speaking.”

With a change in the pastor’s mindset, he will begin seeking the face of God for his assignment. He may turn the services upside down. One service may be all singing and prayer. Another service he may teach for the full two hours. In the next service, he may teach for twenty minutes and then begin moving prophetically in the congregation. No one will know what to expect each service, to include the devil! It will add a new excitement and expectancy within himself and his congregation.

I believe we do not experience many powerful things in God because we are not sensitive to Kingdom Assignments. Over the past week, God has been giving me one specific assignment a day. Yesterday, it was to design a new follow-up letter for those that had requested catalogs. The interesting thing is that the letter had little to do with the catalog and yet the anointing of God was all over it! At the beginning of the year, God instructed me to include a complete seminar on MP3 CD along with the catalog. It is our “Next Level Living” seminar that has already blessed so many of you. The letter was about a litmus test to see if Biblical Life was right for them. If God spoke into their lives through the free CD, Biblical Life was most likely the place God was calling them to study. If they received nothing from the CD, they needed to look elsewhere. I would have never thought of such a thing by myself. Once I accepted the assignment, the Holy Spirit began moving: the anointing, ability to write and understanding flowed. It was almost effortless, and the presence of God filled our office!

This morning God woke me up at 4:30am. (And I mean wide awake, not roll over and go back to sleep kind of awake.) I asked the LORD, “What is up? Do I need to do something?” He told me to eat breakfast and go into the office to write this article in the quiet before our normal work day. I am sitting here with a fine cup of coffee and enjoying writing more than I have in quite some time. It was a Kingdom Assignment, and the Kingdom is flowing in it.

If you are a pastor, you need to change your mindset to the one I have already described in this article. I promise you that if you do, you are going to shake some things up! If you are a student at Biblical Life or praying about enrolling, I want to speak a new mindset into your thinking. Attending Biblical Life College and Seminary is not like attending your average bible college or seminary. Most schools are about imparting information – in their case, biblical/theological information. At Biblical Life there is a lot of information, but also a Kingdom anointing for transformation. You cannot approach Biblical Life like you were going to a business college. There is an overload of spiritual truth, altering mindsets, pulling down of strongholds, kicking over sacred cows and anything else God needs to do to transform you. Attending Biblical Life is a Kingdom Assignment, a divine calling to prepare you for the future. If you approach it any other way, you will either get nothing out of it (because it is spiritually discerned) or your head will explode (figuratively speaking). BUT, if God has given you a Kingdom Assignment to study with Biblical Life and you accept that assignment, the King will release an anointing of a prophetic bible student into your spirit. You will receive a spiritual hunger for truth and the presence of God will surround you every time you sit down to your studies! I have hundreds of students that can testify to this very fact as well as hundreds that can testify the reverse, if you do not accept the assignment! Your mindset can either make you like the pastor going through the weekly routine or like the pastor that turns the services upside down!

Now Dealing with Sub-Assignments

 I am going to handle this on two levels. First, when you enroll into BLCS using Plan B or C, we will ship you a volume with five complete courses in it. Do not just start with the first one and work your way through it. That is the way of traditional, secular schooling. Ask the Holy Spirit which one you are to start with. There may be something in a particular course He needs to speak into your life now. Let’s say the Holy Spirit instructs you to go through the course “Biblical Life Prayer Dynamics.” Accept that assignment and have the mindset that you are going to receive everything God has for you in that course, even if it turns your life inside out! I promise you that the course will take on a life of its own! God will speak to you through the lessons and will begin taking you deeper than you ever dreamed possible! You will learn more, experience more and change more! If you don’t, you are limiting yourself and the Holy Spirit.

Each day ask God for your daily Kingdom Assignments. Your long term assignment is to complete the program He called you to take at Biblical Life. But is today’s assignment to do the next lesson or will it be to go into intercession or minister to Jim down the road? What is your assignment today? Today’s assignment will have today’s anointing, insights, revelation and transformation. Miss the assignment, and you will miss out on all the resources of that assignment! Once you miss it, it is very hard to regain the same level. Obedience is ALWAYS better than sacrifice. Satan wants to keep you in “routine” mode. The routine may get it done, but it will be without the anointing, insights, revelation and transformation your assignment brings. Routine only accomplishes things through hard effort, but will have little spiritual value. Kingdom Assignments require less physical effort, but require higher levels of anointing, insights, revelation and transformation – which the King will release into the lives of those who accept His assignments.

Change your mindset from routine to assignment and watch the Kingdom of God go into operation in ways you never dreamed of. It will change your life!

Copyright 2009 by Michael K. Lake, Th.D., D.R.E.  All Rights Reserved.


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Michael K. Lake, Th.D., D.R.E.

Chancellor and Founder

Dr. Lake is the chancellor and founder of Biblical Life College & Seminary and serves as an educational consultant for various Christian organizations around the world. He also serves as the Pastor of Biblical Life Assembly in Marshfield, MO. Dr. Lake is listed in the US Registry’s “Who’s Who Among Outstanding Americans,” Sterling’s “Who’s Who Executive Edition,” and the “Who’s Who Among American Teachers” for his accomplishments in ministry.