This will be the last post to the BLCS Site!

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This will be the last post on the BLCS Site!


We are moving all of our BLOG posts to the unified Kingdom Intelligence Briefing Site.   Please go to the KIB site and subscribe to continue receiving notices of new podcasts, teaching videos, and Biblical Life News.

Important News from Biblical Life College and Seminary

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Notice from Biblical Life College and Seminary

With the release of my first book, The Shinar Directive, our ministry has experienced dynamic growth over the past four years.  This growth includes:

  • The Kingdom Intelligence Briefing Podcast
  • Biblical Life TV
  • Continued demand for writing more books
  • Conference speaking engagements
  • Record number of new enrollments with BLCS

We have seen our books, podcasts, and videos reach more people around the world than we could have ever imagined.  It has all been by the grace of God and for His glory alone.

For the first time in the nearly 40-year history of the Seminary, we have reached our maximum number of active students.  In fact, we are looking at reducing the number of active students through graduation to allow us more time to accommodate our growth in these other areas.  Therefore, the Board of Directors has decided not to accept any new applications for the rest of 2018.   At the beginning of 2019, we will review the number of active students we have and balance our enrollments with the other Kingdom projects that the LORD has assigned to us.

In the meantime, we encourage everyone to take advanced of our podcasts, teaching videos on YouTube, the Biblical Life Assembly Archive, and the studies available through Biblical Life Resources.

Sincerely yours for excellence in Christian education,

Michael K. Lake, Th.D.


Biblical Life TV Begins Filming Again This Weekend

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Biblical Life TV Begins Filming Again This Weekend

Biblical Life TV


It has been two full months of intense work and prayer to get our new building ready for our ministry to begin operations again. This weekend, we plan on filming another session for Biblical Life TV. We also still have one session we completed before the new building project, but have not had the time for post-production. We hope to have both sessions edited and uploaded next week.

Since our ministry was officially closed for the past two months, we have hundreds of emails and phone voice messages to go through. Please give us a couple of weeks to get everything caught up and back to normal.


Thank you for all your prayers and support.

Dr. Michael K. Lake

Construction Continues at Biblical Life

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Construction Continues at Biblical Life


As I am writing this post, the sounds of hammers, saws, and more are loudly blaring in the background.  The flooring is being placed down, doors are being installed, and trim is being cut and nailed into place.  Our office will be way too loud and hectic to attempt to record a podcast this week.


If all goes as planned, the construction/remodeling side of this project will be completed this week.  Then we can move forward it setting up the areas for the two TV studios:  from furniture and decor to sound systems and cameras.


Our two-month-long journey of 10 to 12 hour days six days a week has about come to a close.  We are hoping to have everything back to normal by January 1 and then will begin the long process of catching up on two months of emails and phone calls.  To be honest, after two months of drywalling, repairing, and painting, it will be nice to put down the hammer to pick up a keyboard and phone for a while.


Thank you for all of your prayers and support in this historic expansion of our ministry!


Dr. Michael K. Lake

New Podcasting Studio is Completed

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New Podcasting Studio is Completed

The new podcasting studio is completed.  Its the only room in our new building that is done, but now we can begin recording podcasts again.

We have had many setbacks and unexpected (and costly) repairs, and over a month of 12 to 14 hour days of drywalling, painting, preparing, and moving.  We hope to have all the basics completed in a couple of weeks.  Then, Mary will be turned loose to decorate the TV studios, kitchen while I unpack and set up our offices.

I want to thank everyone for their prayers and love gifts.  Without our partners, none of this would have been possible!

Once everything is completed in the new building, we will be sharing photos with you.


Dr. Michael K. Lake


Ministry Update 11-14-17

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Ministry Update 11-14-17

Kingdom Intelligence Briefing


I wanted to take a few moments to provide a quick ministry update on our move.  We are now at the stage that while we are coordinating remodeling at the new site that we are beginning to tear down everything at the old site in Marshfield.  Therefore, we will not be releasing any new podcasts until after December 1.  Also, Biblical Life College and Seminary will be closed until January 1, 2018 to give us time to completely set up the new office.  Please note that this will not affect orders placed on our website.  We will be in Marshfield several times each week and will ship all orders while we are there.

Thank you for keeping this exciting new chapter of our ministry in your prayers!  We believe that God has some exciting things in store for 2018!!


Dr. Michael K. Lake

Looking to the Future and Changes to Our Email Addresses

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Looking to the Future and Changes to Our Email Addresses


We have already begun planning for 2018.  Part of our vision for next year is a new building for our ministry.  With the move, there is a good chance we will have to switch from our current DSL with CenturyLink to a satellite-based Internet service.  If this happens, we will lose our email addresses.


To overcome this loss of service, we have set up our very own email server system.  While we wait on the Lord to show us where the new building will be, we will be transitioning over to the new emails.  Please keep these new email addresses on hand for future reference:



We will continue to monitor all email addresses until our move is completed in early 2018.

Dr. Michael Lake on SkyWatch TV

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Dr. Michael Lake on SkyWatch TV


Dr. Michael Lake was recently at SkyWatch TV and shared about the upcoming True Legends Conference in Branson, MO, and this powerful interview touched on many other topics from the Tower of Babel to Christian growth.

Dr. Michael Lake Exposes the Global Brain on Into the Multiverse

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Dr. Michael Lake Exposes the Global Brain on Into the Multiverse

What influence does the Internet of Things and the Global Brain initiative have on the future of our planet and humanity? Dr. Michael Lake joins Josh and Christina Peck to talk about this important topic.




Dr. Michael Lake on SkyWatch TV Five in Ten

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Dr. Michael Lake on SkyWatch TV 5 in 10

Five in Ten 6/19/17: Dr. Michael Lake – Trump Hits the Pause Button

Dr. Michael Lake, author of The Shinar Directive and The Sheeriyth Imperative, says he believes President Trump has granted American Christians a brief reprise — and we need to take advantage of it while it lasts.


Five in Ten 6/20/17: Dr. Michael Lake – The Watcher-Babylon Matrix

Dr. Michael Lake, author of The Shinar Directive and The Sheeriyth Imperative, shares a preview of what you can expect at the True Legends Conference in Branson September 15-17.