Month: February 2010

Continue Studying Biblical Life Quality Materials AFTER Graduation

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For many years, graduates of Biblical Life College and Seminary have asked if they could take the newer modules developed by Dr. Michael K. Lake.  To answer this need, we have developed Biblical Life Publishing.  Through BLP, you can simply purchase the study guide and MP3 lectures – no need to pay tuition to have access to the life-changing courses Dr. Lake develops!  Some of the new detailed modules developed by Dr. Lake include:

  • Biblical Life Prayer Dynamics
  • Priesthood of the Believer
  • The Leader of One
  • Kingdom Authority and Warfare 1
  • Kingdom Authority and Warfare 2
  • Just to name a few.

Dr. Lake has also developed three new mini-series that are on DVD and include a professionally printed study guide.

We encourage all of our graduates to stop by the new site to see which new study the Holy Spirit wants you to take!


Completely Updated Website has Been Uploaded

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We have been putting in the midnight hours updating the Biblical Life College and Seminary website.  Many sections have been completely rewritten.  BLCS posts more information and resources than just about any other on-line theological seminary on the Internet.  We encourage everyone to take a look at the new site.  If you discover a typo or a broken link, please let us know.  The process was a very large undertaking.  With all the changes and new code for search engine optimization, we may have missed something.

Enjoy the updated site!

New Biblical Life YouTube Channel

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As many of you know, we have been working hard on developing video as a part of our ministry.  We are now posting samples from new series and our monthly Mentor’s Tips on our own YouTube Channel.  Since YouTube limits segments to 10 minutes, the Mentor’s Tips may be in as many as seven parts.  May God use this new ministry tool to bless you and empower you for victory in life and ministry!

Biblical Life YouTube Channel

Kingdom Authority & Warfare 3 Classes Started

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We started classes last week on the new Kingdom Authority & Warfare 3 module.  The new module is designed as a “Strategic Kingdom Intelligence Briefing.”  Concepts such as “multi-dimensional realities” is spiritual warfare and even how iniquity can be encoded into DNA and how to rewrite it with righteousness will be covered.  This advanced course will give both greater understanding into our warfare and powerful strategic weapons to gain lasting victory.  This new series is also being videotaped for DVD.  We hope to have the new module completed and ready for distribution is about five months.

DVD Sets Complete and Now Available

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After a lot of hard work and prayer, we have three sets ready for distribution.


The Feasts of the LORD & Their Spiritual Significance in the Life of the Believer

Nine sessions on five DVDs + study guide (126 pages).

$94.00 (Includes Priority Mail Shipping)


Holy Fire – Strange Fire

Six sessions on six DVDs (filmed in New York), six MP3 audio sessions (taped in Missouri), and study guide (54 pages).

$65.00 (Includes Priority Mail Shipping)


Growing in Grace: Understanding the Four Covenants

Five sessions on three DVDs, five sessions in MP3 audio, and study guide (40 pages).

$55.00 (Includes Priority Mail Shipping)

Download the Order Form in PDF

New Mentor’s Tips Video Released for Download

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Last month, we released a special downloadable video of Dr. Lake teaching prophetically what God is doing in the Body of Christ in 2010.  This month he is building on that foundation with a message entitled “The Power of Being Willing and Obedient.”  Dr. Lake unlocks hidden truths in the Hebrew language that will open a door from Heaven for new strength and a fresh anointing to hear God’s voice.  We have received so many wonderful comments about last month’s teaching being made available on video that we had done the same thing this month.

Use the link below to go to the Mentor’s Tips page of our website and follow the directions to download this powerful video and see the power of God released in your life!


Biblical Life Mentor’s Tips Page