Understanding Kingdom Assignments

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Understanding Kingdom Assignments
Understanding Kingdom Assignments


As of late, I feel that I am in the Holy Spirit Advanced School of Learning. It seems that each day God is teaching me things that I did not know the day before. In our local congregation, God has been having me teach a series called “Foundations of Biblical Prosperity.” From the title, you may think you already know what I am teaching. I can assure you that you don’t. I have been waking up in the morning teaching things out of my spirit in ways I could not have imagined. In this series on Biblical Prosperity, the very last thing you will hear about is giving. Giving is only one component. Without adding all the rest, giving can be in vain. This is why many have gone bankrupt while they were tithing! These powerful messages are now available on MP3 CD along with a professionally printed study guide through Biblical Life Publishing (www.biblical-life.net).

God has also been teaching me about Kingdom Assignments. This is really something that I have never heard of before. I have heard about Kingdom Destiny, Kingdom Authority, Kingdom Power, etc., but assignments were not in the mix. So when God began speaking to me about them, He had my attention.

Kingdom Assignments come in all sizes. Some can be completed within one event, such as praying for someone. Others can take years, but will include daily sub-assignments. (We will go into more detail about sub-assignments in a moment.) One of the things that we need to understand is that when we accept the assignment, the Kingdom begins to go into operation to provide the resources, time and anointing to accomplish that task. That sounds reasonable, but our paradigms can keep us from those resources to fulfill a given assignment. Let me give you an example:

For a pastor, each service is a Kingdom Assignment to accomplish something in the Kingdom of God — usually within the lives of those attending. When a pastor realizes each service can become a specific Kingdom Assignment, he will seek the face of God for instructions. Once he receives those instructions, he accepts that assignment. Immediately the Kingdom will begin realigning things within his spirit, his congregation and even the atmosphere to accomplish that assignment. Without this mindset, weekly services become a routine. The pastor and staff will find themselves going through the motions with little devotion. (I have been there and can speak from personal experience.) The sermons become “what the people want to hear.” The songs become “what the people want to sing.” We move from “divine visitation” to “Christian entertainment and motivational speaking.”

With a change in the pastor’s mindset, he will begin seeking the face of God for his assignment. He may turn the services upside down. One service may be all singing and prayer. Another service he may teach for the full two hours. In the next service, he may teach for twenty minutes and then begin moving prophetically in the congregation. No one will know what to expect each service, to include the devil! It will add a new excitement and expectancy within himself and his congregation.

I believe we do not experience many powerful things in God because we are not sensitive to Kingdom Assignments. Over the past week, God has been giving me one specific assignment a day. Yesterday, it was to design a new follow-up letter for those that had requested catalogs. The interesting thing is that the letter had little to do with the catalog and yet the anointing of God was all over it! At the beginning of the year, God instructed me to include a complete seminar on MP3 CD along with the catalog. It is our “Next Level Living” seminar that has already blessed so many of you. The letter was about a litmus test to see if Biblical Life was right for them. If God spoke into their lives through the free CD, Biblical Life was most likely the place God was calling them to study. If they received nothing from the CD, they needed to look elsewhere. I would have never thought of such a thing by myself. Once I accepted the assignment, the Holy Spirit began moving: the anointing, ability to write and understanding flowed. It was almost effortless, and the presence of God filled our office!

This morning God woke me up at 4:30am. (And I mean wide awake, not roll over and go back to sleep kind of awake.) I asked the LORD, “What is up? Do I need to do something?” He told me to eat breakfast and go into the office to write this article in the quiet before our normal work day. I am sitting here with a fine cup of coffee and enjoying writing more than I have in quite some time. It was a Kingdom Assignment, and the Kingdom is flowing in it.

If you are a pastor, you need to change your mindset to the one I have already described in this article. I promise you that if you do, you are going to shake some things up! If you are a student at Biblical Life or praying about enrolling, I want to speak a new mindset into your thinking. Attending Biblical Life College and Seminary is not like attending your average bible college or seminary. Most schools are about imparting information – in their case, biblical/theological information. At Biblical Life there is a lot of information, but also a Kingdom anointing for transformation. You cannot approach Biblical Life like you were going to a business college. There is an overload of spiritual truth, altering mindsets, pulling down of strongholds, kicking over sacred cows and anything else God needs to do to transform you. Attending Biblical Life is a Kingdom Assignment, a divine calling to prepare you for the future. If you approach it any other way, you will either get nothing out of it (because it is spiritually discerned) or your head will explode (figuratively speaking). BUT, if God has given you a Kingdom Assignment to study with Biblical Life and you accept that assignment, the King will release an anointing of a prophetic bible student into your spirit. You will receive a spiritual hunger for truth and the presence of God will surround you every time you sit down to your studies! I have hundreds of students that can testify to this very fact as well as hundreds that can testify the reverse, if you do not accept the assignment! Your mindset can either make you like the pastor going through the weekly routine or like the pastor that turns the services upside down!

Now Dealing with Sub-Assignments

 I am going to handle this on two levels. First, when you enroll into BLCS using Plan B or C, we will ship you a volume with five complete courses in it. Do not just start with the first one and work your way through it. That is the way of traditional, secular schooling. Ask the Holy Spirit which one you are to start with. There may be something in a particular course He needs to speak into your life now. Let’s say the Holy Spirit instructs you to go through the course “Biblical Life Prayer Dynamics.” Accept that assignment and have the mindset that you are going to receive everything God has for you in that course, even if it turns your life inside out! I promise you that the course will take on a life of its own! God will speak to you through the lessons and will begin taking you deeper than you ever dreamed possible! You will learn more, experience more and change more! If you don’t, you are limiting yourself and the Holy Spirit.

Each day ask God for your daily Kingdom Assignments. Your long term assignment is to complete the program He called you to take at Biblical Life. But is today’s assignment to do the next lesson or will it be to go into intercession or minister to Jim down the road? What is your assignment today? Today’s assignment will have today’s anointing, insights, revelation and transformation. Miss the assignment, and you will miss out on all the resources of that assignment! Once you miss it, it is very hard to regain the same level. Obedience is ALWAYS better than sacrifice. Satan wants to keep you in “routine” mode. The routine may get it done, but it will be without the anointing, insights, revelation and transformation your assignment brings. Routine only accomplishes things through hard effort, but will have little spiritual value. Kingdom Assignments require less physical effort, but require higher levels of anointing, insights, revelation and transformation – which the King will release into the lives of those who accept His assignments.

Change your mindset from routine to assignment and watch the Kingdom of God go into operation in ways you never dreamed of. It will change your life!

Copyright 2009 by Michael K. Lake, Th.D., D.R.E.  All Rights Reserved.


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Michael K. Lake, Th.D., D.R.E.

Chancellor and Founder

Dr. Lake is the chancellor and founder of Biblical Life College & Seminary and serves as an educational consultant for various Christian organizations around the world. He also serves as the Pastor of Biblical Life Assembly in Marshfield, MO. Dr. Lake is listed in the US Registry’s “Who’s Who Among Outstanding Americans,” Sterling’s “Who’s Who Executive Edition,” and the “Who’s Who Among American Teachers” for his accomplishments in ministry.


War Room Strategies and the Turnaround Anointing

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We are continuing our study on the Turnaround Anointing that God is releasing into the Body of Christ in 2010.  This week’s message is titled “War Room Strategies and the Turnaround Anointing.”  Learn how God wants you to develop a battle plan to take down the giants in your life.  You can develop a step-by-step strategy to overcome and the Holy Spirit will anoint you to do it!  Download the message today and begin drawing up war room strategies for victory in your life, family, and ministry.


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Between Vision and Realization

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by Michael K. Lake, Th.D., D.R.E.

Proverbs 29:18a (KJV)
18 Where there is no vision, the people perish . . .”

Over the past decade, many people have entered the dialogue of the need for vision and vision casting. I remember a time when few spoke of it, even fewer had it and no one realized the power of it. The paradigm has changed greatly within our leadership models; therefore, vision, vision casting, and mission statements are as common place as bibles in our churches.

One of the things that the Holy Spirit has impressed upon on me lately is that there is more to seeing a vision accomplished than having a vision and having faith. To be honest, getting the vision is the easy part. The hard part is the research, study, discipline and diligent effort that must be added to the vision to see it fulfilled. I believe part of the dilemma that many of us face is that we treat a vision for ministry from the LORD the same way we treat true prophetic words. Somehow we have the misconception that if they are from God, they will come to pass . . . almost effortlessly. We think, “Hey God is in it, so everything will go smoothly.” That sounds great until you read the Bible! I cannot find one individual, to include Jesus, for whom everything went smoothly or the vision came to pass easily! Actually the opposite is true. If they heard from God, the enemy was sure to resist their efforts. Faith is not “hoping” something will happen. Faith is the substance of things hoped for and working hard with God to MAKE things happen that are in-line with God’s will and purposes.

The Word tells us:

Ecclesiastes 5:3 (KJV)
3 For a dream cometh through the multitude of business; and a fool’s voice is known by multitude of words.

Many times we see truths from God’s Word through the lens of our current focus. As our focus changes, new truths can explode into our hearts. The first time I read this verse (when my mental lens was focused on vision), it was like a slap in the face. Everyone is talking vision, but how many are rolling up their sleeves and making the vision a reality? Are we going to be speaking a lot of words or are we going to get down to business with our visions from the Throne of Grace?

We need to view vision the same way an architect does. He may “see” a beautiful and useful building in his heart, but he never stops there. He will do the research to find the right materials, follow all the proper codes, use the best materials and then begin to draft a step-by-step plan to bring his vision to life. Once the blueprint is completed, the real work begins. The proper foundations must be laid. Every detail, down to the smallest thing, is researched and implemented with great care and determination. Setbacks are expected, as with any great endeavor. The resolve is to place the “sweat-equity” into the project to make it a reality. A great builder will also insure safety and maintenance are clearly defined and enforced.

Any visionary or builder knows that it is the day-to-day operations that can make or break a project. Yet for many in ministry, we have forgotten this truth. Faith cannot replace daily discipline and determination. Faith must FUEL the daily discipline and determination!

Later on this week, I am going to be laying out a detailed plan to bring about a vision that God has given me for Biblical Life. The end result will not only be the expansion of the seminary, but taking the powerful truths that God has placed within my spirit outside the walls of the seminary and into the homes of anyone hungry for more of God and His Word. To do this, the vision must be cast. Not only must the vision be cast, but a detailed plan must be developed. Not only must a detailed plan be developed, but it must be communicated to others that can aid in its fulfillment. Then others can receive a blessing, too.

I also pray that as you read this upcoming “Vision Plan for the Next Level,” you will be able to glean ways to develop your own detailed plan to fulfill what God has called you to do. Here are some things I have learned from the Holy Spirit in regard to bringing a vision to pass:

· You cannot do it alone. I have tried for years – it doesn’t work! Many of you have been greatly blessed by the articles and Mentor’s Tips that I have been publishing this past year and a half. If it was not for the diligent proofreading of my wonderful wife (who was a professional secretary for the government for years), many of you would still be wondering what I was trying to say. Sometimes she files correspondence that I have sent out in a hurry, and she says, “You didn’t have me proof this, did you?” We work best together. It is always a team effort!

· You must become the example of excellence and determination for the vision God has given you. You set the standard for those that will join with you to see it come to pass.

· You must always share the credit for its success. Since you could not do it alone, you cannot receive the credit alone either.

· You must always bear the blame, if it does not succeed. Leadership does not pass the blame; it accepts it and then builds a bridge to success.

· You must daily fight to see each step established. One of the most powerful statements that I have ever read was in a book by Prophet John Mark Poole. He said that many times you will have to be involved in prophetic warfare to see the prophetic word come to pass. If it is that way with prophetic words, it will certainly be that way with bringing your vision to pass! 

· You must seek the face of God for His blessing on those that come along side you to work. We always seem to ask God to bless the vision or project. If we do it right, it will be blessed! Part of doing it right is to seek Heaven’s blessing on those who stood by you.

· Once you arrive, you must work daily to maintain what God has entrusted to you. This truth is important. How can God expand your vision, if you are not maintaining it? It would be like trying to build a new wing onto a building that is falling apart. Stewardship is important in the Kingdom of God!

Do you have your vision? What’s your plan to see it fulfilled? Are you working your plan, and are you maturing as it is developed? Consistency is a vital part of maturing!

If you have let the vision lay dormant because of discouragement, it is time to pick it back up, dust it off, and develop your plan (daily working it with a new fervor and consistency)! You may be like the Jewish people returning from Babylon. They had to rebuild the walls of Jerusalem with a brick in one hand and a sword in the other – but when the walls were built, blessing came!

Don’t give up hope. Your blessing and the fulfillment of your vision are waiting for you. God is waiting to confirm the Word that He has released in your heart with signs, wonders and blessings!


The proper theological education can be a part of establishing your vision as well.  For more information about the online degree programs at Biblical Life College and Seminary, visit our website at http://www.biblical-life.com


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Michael K. Lake, Th.D., D.R.E.

Chancellor and Founder

Dr. Lake is the chancellor and founder of Biblical Life College & Seminary and serves as an educational consultant for various Christian organizations around the world. He also serves as the Pastor of Biblical Life Assembly in Marshfield, MO. Dr. Lake is listed in the US Registry’s “Who’s Who Among Outstanding Americans,” Sterling’s “Who’s Who Executive Edition,” and the “Who’s Who Among American Teachers” for his accomplishments in ministry.

Living Life Awake – Redeeming the Time

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by Michael K. Lake, Th.D., D.R.E.

Chancellor & Founder – Biblical Life College and Seminary

sleepyhead This past week as I was preparing my weekend message for our local body, the Holy Spirit had me write the phrase “Live Life Awake” in the side margin of my notes. I was dealing with the concept of learning to activate and daily walk in our new nature in Messiah. Although I did work it into my message, the Holy Spirit continued to deal with me about being awake and how everything in our secular society is designed to put us spiritually and intellectually asleep.

As I pondered these things, I remembered a sermon series by Pastor Rod Parsley. He taught this powerful series in the early 90’s, and it was based on a prophetic vision of Prophet Tommy Hicks. This series as called “The Final Awakening: A Vision of the Endtime.” (I do not know if Pastor Parsley’s ministry still sells this series, but I would recommend it to anyone.) In Tommy’s vision, he saw a giant covered with rubble and small demons. These were not the things holding it down. This giant was asleep. Every once in a while this giant would try to wake up. As he did, the demons would flee into the darkness in stark terror. He would not be able to sit up fully and would finally fall back to sleep. As soon as he did, the demons would come rushing back in believing they had achieved some great victory. My friends, the Church in America looks more like that giant now than when Tommy spoke forth this vision in the 1950’s or even in Pastor Parsley’s sermon in the 1990’s!

With this in mind, I want to take a look at Paul’s exhortation to the Church in Ephesus in Ephesians 5:11-16:

11And have no fellowship with the unfruitful works of darkness, but rather expose them. 12 For it is shameful even to speak of those things which are done by them in secret. 13 But all things that are exposed are made manifest by the light, for whatever makes manifest is light. 14Therefore He says: “Awake, you who sleep, Arise from the dead, And Christ will give you light.” 15 See then that you walk circumspectly, not as fools but as wise, 16 redeeming the time, because the days are evil. (NKJV)

The first part of our hermeneutical journey will be to understand Ephesus. Ephesus was a hot spot for paganism and the occult. As Paul’s ministry began to take hold in the area, we find in Acts 19:19 that many of the people brought all of their occultic objects and books to be burned and destroyed. So the influence in Ephesus was not only basic paganism but a powerfully established structure of the mystery religions. This influence within that society caused Paul to warn these believers of several things:

1. There are many things birthed within darkness that we should have no fellowship with.

The Greek word here for “fellowship” is sugkoinoneo {soong-koy-no-neh’-o}. It means to become a partaker together with others, or to have fellowship with a thing. (Strongs #G4790) It is important that we do not allow ourselves to partake of something that is birthed in darkness. That may be easier said than done.

2. Things done by them in secret.

There are many today that discredit a “conspiratorial” view of history. Such individuals are usually liberal in their thinking; few of them would be considered having a biblical worldview. One does not have to go past Genesis Chapter Three to find conspiracy. Darkness is constantly planning in clandestine fashion its desires upon mankind.

There are secret societies that permeate much of western civilization. They touch finance, politics, the entertainment industry and education: just about every aspect of our lives. They have slowly and methodically altered what we are taught, what we see, what laws are passed and even what we eat. A great portion of what they do must be done outside of public observation, truth or even daylight. To accomplish their work, they must either distract the public or place them into some type of spiritual and/or cerebral fog. They have learned throughout the centuries on how to either distract the Church by getting it to fight within other sections itself or to place Christians in a spiritual stupor.

3. Paul calls us to awake out of sleep.

Paul is trying to get the Church to realize that the very culture around them will put them to sleep spiritually. For those that walk with God, too much worldliness always leads to lukewarmness! This was the problem with the Laodicean Church in the Book of Revelation. They thought that had everything and really they had nothing!

We need to learn to maintain a balance: unplug from the world while being able to reach out to the world.

4. Walk circumspectly.

Here again the Greek word “circumspectly” is akribos {ak-ree-boce’} , which means exactly, accurately, and diligently. (Strongs #G199)

I believe Paul was admonishing us to be aware of this tendency. If we know that it is there, we can guard ourselves again it.

5. Redeeming the time, for the days are evil.

The definition for the Greek word “redeem” is a long one, but I want to make it fully available to you in this article:

Redeem: Strongs # G1805 exagorazo {ex-ag-or-ad’-zo}

Meaning: 1) to redeem 1a) by payment of a price to recover from the power of another, to ransom, buy off 1b) metaph. of Christ freeing the elect from the dominion of the Mosaic Law at the price of his vicarious death 2) to buy up, to buy up for one’s self, for one’s use 2a) to make wise and sacred use of every opportunity for doing good, so that zeal and well doing are as it were the purchase money by which we make the time our own.

Notice that I have underlined two sections of the definition. Let’s look at both of them in the light of this teaching:

1. Only when you are awake spiritually can you take back the power of your time from the enemy. I don’t know about you, but I am tired of the devil controlling my time, energy and creativity in the Kingdom. The only way to get his hands off of them is to wake up, walk properly before the LORD and to unplug from his influence.

2. Time is like money, you need to invest it wisely. Time is not like money in that you cannot make more. This tells us that God is requiring us to use our time here on earth wisely. So much of the world wants to waste our time with things that dumb us down and rob us of time we could spend with friends and loved ones or to accomplish something great for the Kingdom.


1. We need to know this is real and happening to the Body of Christ.

Knowing the tactics of an enemy is the first step to overcoming him. In this case, it is the first step to waking back up. Are you on fire for God as much as you could be? Are you hearing from the LORD every day? Is His Word a living thing to you? Is prayer a routine that is boring or more like a contact sport (emphasis on “contact”)? If not, you are someplace between getting sleepy and being completely out!

2. Moderate the spiritual and intellectual junk food.

Before I even touch this one, I need to let you know who is writing this. Nobody could down a large sack of chips and jumbo tub of dip like I could. I also love action and sci-fi movies and could easily go into a marathon of snacking and watching. So as I approach this, I know my own weaknesses.

We have got to moderate how much and of what we read and watch that is influenced by the spirit of this world. Much of it is just like junk food; the more you eat, the more you want. Know yourself and where you are at. It is one thing to watch a movie and chill out after a hard week of ministry. It is another thing to get so lost in TV shows and movies that you cannot find the time to pray, read the Bible or feed your spirit!

More than 100 years ago, an Italian economist named Vilfredo Pareto discovered the 80/20 Principle (sometimes called Pareto Principle or Pareto Law). This principle can be seen in finance, in productivity, in church work, well; in just about everything. Let me give you an example: at Church, 20% of the congregation will do 80% of the work. Twenty percent of the people can also take up 80% of the pastor’s time. In your personal productivity, 20% of what you are doing will produce 80% of your results. Unfortunately, 80% of what you do only produces 20% of your accomplishments. Since this is a principle, it is pretty well universal. Here is another formula for you:

Eighty percent World and 20% Kingdom will make you lukewarm and a citizen of Laodicea!

Eighty percent Kingdom and 20% World will set you on the right track, wake you up spiritually, set you on fire of the Holy Spirit and keep you balanced. In other words, you will find the balance between “unplugging” from the world while still reaching out to it.

3. Feed the Fire.

Listen to praise and worship, listen and watch anointed teaching, and read. In fact, HEAVY ON THE READ. It activates different parts of your brain that viewing something doesn’t. Read the Word. Read solid books written by Christian authors. (I am not speaking of Christianized soap opera books either). Find those things that “stir you up” spiritually and intellectually (with a biblical emphasis). Learn to incorporate those into your life. You may have to schedule them into your day and week. It will take learning new habits and looking for new solutions. In fact, right here would be a great time to ask you how well your habits and the things you are doing now are working for you. If you are near perfection and folks need to cover their eyes from the glory of God shining from your face, then this article is not for you. The rest of us need to take a serious inventory. We have some time to redeem back and things to accomplish for God.

On the other side, find those things that dumb you down and make you spiritually and intellectually drowsy. Make note of them and limit their use. The really addictive one’s for you may need to be avoided all together! Your life is too precious to waste it in a spiritual fog!

4. Keep Going!

Once you get the ball rolling, don’t fall back into the old mold the devil made for you. Those old habits are like a comfortable bed the enemy wants you to snuggle down into. He wants you to sleep, miss your divine appointments and just be spiritual enough to think you are OK just where you are.

God is calling us to live life “awake.” When we are awake, the enemy runs in fear and the Kingdom of God starts advancing once again!


Profile on Author

Michael K. Lake, Th.D., D.R.E.

Chancellor and Founder

Dr. Lake is the chancellor and founder of Biblical Life College & Seminary and serves as an educational consultant for various Christian organizations around the world. He also serves as the Pastor of Biblical Life Assembly in Marshfield, MO. Dr. Lake is listed in the US Registry’s “Who’s Who Among Outstanding Americans,” Sterling’s “Who’s Who Executive Edition,” and the “Who’s Who Among American Teachers” for his accomplishments in ministry.

The Anointing at Biblical Life Assembly Is Stronger Every Service!

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turnaroundGod is releasing a message at Biblical Life Assembly that is essential for the days ahead!   I am amazed at how the anointing of the Holy Spirit is getting stronger with every service.  God is releasing His turnaround anointing into the lives of believers every where.   Every week, I receive emails for those that have started experiencing it.  How about you?

Last Sabbath’s message was “Refocus and the Turnaround Anointing.”  Learn how God wants you to refocus, because what you focus on you give power to!

Download Message in MP3

Continue Studying Biblical Life Quality Materials AFTER Graduation

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For many years, graduates of Biblical Life College and Seminary have asked if they could take the newer modules developed by Dr. Michael K. Lake.  To answer this need, we have developed Biblical Life Publishing.  Through BLP, you can simply purchase the study guide and MP3 lectures – no need to pay tuition to have access to the life-changing courses Dr. Lake develops!  Some of the new detailed modules developed by Dr. Lake include:

  • Biblical Life Prayer Dynamics
  • Priesthood of the Believer
  • The Leader of One
  • Kingdom Authority and Warfare 1
  • Kingdom Authority and Warfare 2
  • Just to name a few.

Dr. Lake has also developed three new mini-series that are on DVD and include a professionally printed study guide.

We encourage all of our graduates to stop by the new site to see which new study the Holy Spirit wants you to take!