Emotional Healing

The Bond Servant–Part 4

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Jesus came to heal the brokenhearted!


Messiah came to set up free. In this lesson, Dr. Lake delivers a powerful message on how Messiah came to heal us of all the wounds from the House of Bondage. All pain, wounds of the past, mental anguish and torment were crucified with Jesus on the Cross. All this message to release an anointing for inner healing and a new level of freedom into your life!


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Maturation of the Bride–Part 3

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drlake-blpMaturation of the Bride – Part 3. For the Bride to mature, she needs several things: (1) to Be Healed Up from Wounded, (2) to be Trained Up in Who She is, (3) to be Geared Up for the Tasks ahead of Her, (4) to be Empowered Up for Service, and (5) to be Activated to Move Forward in the Kingdom of God. This week, we will be examining what the Messiah has done to heal up the wounds of His bride.


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Message taught by Dr. Michael K. Lake – Chancellor of Biblical Life College & Seminary and the Pastor of Biblical Life Assembly.