We’re Back from Vacation and Moving Forward for the Kingdom

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We’re Back from Vacation and Moving Forward in the Kingdom


After two and a half weeks of vacation, we’re back in the office. The KIB podcasts will begin again next week. We are also filming this weekend for Biblical Life TV.


Changes Coming to Biblical Life TV


I have shared in the last podcast that LifeStreams Media is picking up Biblical Life TV for their network. LifeStreams will be on the Internet, Roku, and Satellite TV. So beginning this week, we will be dividing each teaching into two 28 minutes 30-second episodes to accommodate the standard for programs aired on TV.

I also need to update you regarding the Biblical Life Assembly RSS feed which we have registered with iTunes. Recent changes to the way the Internet is connected has broken the link to the BLA feed. We have been working on fixing this problem, but have not come up with a solution. So, the BLA feed on iTunes is dead. Beginning next week, we will be adding the audio versions of Biblical Life TV to the Kingdom Intelligence Briefing feed for iTunes and a host of other podcasting services. If you are a user of iTunes or a podcasting program on your smart device, make sure that you are subscribed to the Kingdom Intelligence Briefing to receive both the KIB and BLTV audio podcasts.




The bulk of my summer will be spent working to complete my new book, The Kingdom Priesthood. I have already begun outlining the next book, Unlocking the Nesheq of God. I have been laboring for nearly a year to reschedule my workflow to allow me to develop one new book each year. We will keep you posted on when each new book is available.




Here is a quick look at the conferences and seminars that I currently have scheduled for the rest of 2018. Full information on these conferences will be posted on the KIB Site:

Lifting the Veil – Hear the Watchmen | Long Island, NY
August 9 – 11

RFI Annual Yeshiva and Conference | Cleveland, TN
September 26 – 28

2nd Annual Blessed Hope Prophecy Forum | Oklahoma City, OK
October 12 – 14

Antioch School of Urban Ministry | Bronx, NY
November (TBA)

Please continue to keep Mary and me in your prayer as we labor in our Father’s vineyard.


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