Quick Note from the Rocky Mountain International Prophecy Conference

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Quick Word from the Rocky Mountain International Prophecy Conference

To say that I am having a blast at the conference would be an understatement.  I have been able to meet so many that are either listeners of the KIB podcast, watchers of Biblical Life TV, or who have enjoyed The Shinar Directive.  Stories of how our ministry has spoken into their lives has been so humbling for me.  There have been many moments that tears of gratitude have rolled down my face to Almighty God for the difference He is making in all these precious lives.

Yesterday’s session on “The Shinar Directive” was streamed live from the conference.  I have already received many wonderful emails about how it encouraged those that watched.  Although today’s session will not be livestreamed, it will be available in the DVD set from the conference.  Check out http://www.prophecywatchers.com for information on purchasing the complete DVD set.

Thank you for keeping myself and this conference in your prayers.  Heaven has heard, and the Holy Spirit is moving!

Blessings from the Front Lines!

Dr. Michael K. Lake


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