BLCS Offices Will Be Closed October 23 – 30

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plane_taking_offI have packed my bags and I am off for another extended ministry trip.  The BLCS offices will be closed from October 23 – 30.  If you need support during this time,  I always takes along my notebook computer so I can provide service to our student body and partners anywhere in the world.  If you need support, simply email me at or my mobile express response account at  I should be able to respond within 24 hours.

For anyone enrolling into the current Enrollment Drive, to receive your discounts on tuition, the enrollment simply needs to be received by our office before November 1.  All enrollments received while I am out of the office will be processed on October 3 or November 1.

Please keep me in your prayers during this journey for both God’s protection and His anointing to minister the Word in the power of the Holy Spirit to transform lives forever!


Dr. Michael K. Lake

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Assembly | College & Seminary | Publishing

PO Box 588 | Marshfield, MO  65706-0588

Phone: 417-859-0881 | Email:


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