Greater Anointing Needs Greater Prayer Covering

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holy-prayerOver the past month, the level of anointing and revelation have been getting stronger with every service.  This past serious was nothing short of awesome, but the enemy did not want the message of “The Nature of the Kingdom” to get out.  I went into the office today to begin the process of editing the video for DVD & YouTube production.  I upgraded the type of slides we use in the video (which turned out wonderfully.)  But when I dropped in the video to begin the actual process of editing, the audio was 90% static!  I spent an hour testing things and came to the conclusion that the mini-plug from our wireless system was not seated correctly into the camera (hopefully we will not have to have it replaced already).

I believe that with the greater anointing God is releasing that we will have to increase the prayer cover over the services at Biblical Life Assembly and the classes for Biblical Life College & Seminary.  It will be the only way to make available what God is doing for those outside of Marshfield. 

I remember when we first began teaching on Hebraic Heritage in Marshfield some eight years ago.  We literally had RCA jacks that were factory seals flying apart during the teaching to stop them from being recorded.  With prayer and work, we placed a stop to that.  We can see if stopped again and all of God’s people blessed by the truths the Holy Spirit is releasing in this hour.


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