BLCS to Phase Out Audio Cassette Tapes

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As more ministries and individuals make the switch to digital media in the form of both CD and MP3, it is getting harder for our supplies to obtain the cassette albums we have used for years.

Just recently our supplier, Kingdom Tapes, could not get the 12 album holders we have used since the early ‘90’s from the manufacturer in white and we had to settle for chocolate.  Although this is a temporary fix, we can see the handwriting on the wall for these supplies.

You are going to have to phase out audio cassettes and only use CD and MP3 CD formats.  We hope by the end of the year to have the transition complete for all of our lecture sets.  There are about eight courses that we will need to convert all lectures from cassette to digital.

If you are going to order any course lectures on audio cassette, you will need to place your order before the end of the year.  After that time, all lectures will be in CD or MP3 CD formats only.


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